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The Astrology Profile Essay

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Greetings. Allow me to introduce myself. I am the Astrologist. I will be doing astrological profiles of certain SRK members. First one is Brandon Lee.Born on March 24, The Day of Beguiling Simplicity, Aries March 24 people are spontaneous and direct, and generally prefer to keep life as simple as they can. When confronted with problems, whether in their work or personal life, they tend to make broad choices and avoid entanglements if possible. Yet fate seems to serve up complexity again and again for them, whether in the form of difficult individuals or challenges which they must surmount. Finding the simplest manner with which to deal with such complexity can thus become a most pressing task.There is an undeniably childlike air about March 24 people. Their natural demeanor and openness is usually apparent at first meeting. Because of their attitude of wonder and expectation, however, they react worse than most to disappointment and rejection, and in extreme cases severe depression can overcome them. Indeed, for many born on this day a tinge of sadness is a lifelong companion.March 24 people usually display a quite demeanor. Rarely do they enjoy speech for its own sake. Instead they prefer to express themselves physically, whether in love, hobbies or athletic endeavors. They can make highly satisfying partners, both as mates and co-workers. In addition, those born on this day seldom arouse antagonism in the workplace and are usually highly prized for their ability to unassumingly produce steady results.Modesty is a fine attribute of many March 24 people. Those born on this day can in fact be retiring, sometimes shy, yet it would be a great mistake for others to assume that they are passive or an easy touch. For example, in the face of opposition or outright attack, they show great fortitude and rarely back down, and in their home life they generally insist that things be done their way, harmoniously if possible. Where March 24 people are more vulnerable is when subtle pressures or negativity are exerted on them over a long period of time, these may ultimately wear them down and insidiously undermine their hopeful and positive outlook.Because of their many desirable qualities-affection, loyalty, spontaneity- it may be difficult for friends and family to understand...

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