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The Atkins Diet Can Be Deadly

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Being fit and skinny has become an obsession for many people. A kind of obsession that leads them to cross limits which injure their health. Moreover, many diets and programs are being invented by the profit oriented companies who promise to help to lose weight in a short amount of time. Most of the times, these diets are based on pure results, which violate the recommended dietary guidelines. The Atkins diet is one of the famous weight loss diets which is based on a low carbohydrate concept. It requires a person to consume high fat and high protein diet and decreasing the carbohydrate intake to minimal. Robert Atkins, the inventor of the Atkins Diet claims that, this program will produce ...view middle of the document...

Despite that the plan consists of low carbohydrate food, the Atkins neglects the overall health of individual by focusing only on weight loss. Furthermore, the program also restricts fibre and calcium which are the most important nutrients in our daily consumption. According to the nutritionists of Foods Standards Agency, obese people are facing higher risks of cancers and coronary diseases and by putting these people on a high fat diet such as Atkins, will only deteriorate their health (Revill). In other words, these nutritionists admit that Atkins diet causes a person to lose weight at the cost of many dangerous side effects to health.

Another important reason that Atkins diet is harmful is that, it affects the mental well-being of individual. The restrictions being imposed over the people make them feel inactive and depressed. Moreover, lack of energy can lead a person to feel negative about their surroundings and goals. Such negativity can easily decrease the motivation and joy of weight loss. A recent study compares low carbohydrates diet vs. low fat diet indicates results that low carbohydrates diet plans caused the participants in the research study to feel depressed, anxious and have mood swings (Rashid). In fact, eliminating the carbohydrates is...

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