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The Atlantic Slave Trade: The Impact Of The Slave Trade On Africa And Its People

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Today slavery is widely considered illegal and immoral, but for many centuries everywhere in the world, it was a common practice. The question that I am going to be answering throughout this paper is what impact the Atlantic Slave Trade had on Africa and its people. The Atlantic Slave Trade was the forced trade of over 15 million African people across the Middle Passage which was from western Africa, across the Atlantic Ocean, and to the Americas or Caribbean. This horrific journey that took over 2.5 million lives would last from the 16th century until the 19th century, and even today Africa and the people of Africa are still affected by this. The Atlantic Slave Trade greatly held Africa ...view middle of the document...

Another example of this person trauma would be self-loathing. Often blacks in America believe that we deserve the treatment that we get, and this is because of the “slave mentality” that we carry with us.
In this paragraph, I will be discussing the negatives effects that the slave trade had on Africa, both continental and communal levels. The slave trade greatly held Africa back. Due to the slave trade many communities relocated, which resulted in a hindrance in technological and economic development (AAME). Many tribes fled Africa, and many no longer exist because of the slave trade. Due to wealthier Africans selling their own people, there was an issue in regards to trust amongst the people, which also held Africa back because nothing could be accomplished. Because of the slave trade, a lot of people see Africa as less superior to other countries. People also tend to think that Africa is a bad underdeveloped place because of the slave trade. Not only has the slave trade held Africa back, it has made a bad image for Africa. But in reality, Africa is much better than how most people imagine it. On maps, Africa is made to appear smaller, but in reality is a lot larger than how pictured. Today, Africa is one of the...

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