The Attack Of The Pride: The Lifestyles During The Crusades

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Attack Of The Pride
My research paper is about the Crusades. It talks about what weapons they used, where they were located, what weapons they used, and the lifestyle they lived. The crusades always moved so it will also talk about specifically where they moved to and where they attacked.
The First Crusades
First of the Crusades began in 1095 when christians responded to pope urban's plea to go to war with the muslims. First crusade captured jerusalem in 1099 and achieved its goal. The Crusades were not located at a specific place since they were always moving. The first Crusade was in Israel. The Crusades were from Europe to Palestine and took place in the years 1095 through to 1291.The Christians wanted to take back Jerusalem. The Christians wanted Jerusalem back because thats where Jesus spent most of his life and that's where he was crucified. The Muslims wanted it to because they had religious beliefs in Jerusalem. Their founder Muhammad lived there. There was a huge shrine just for where Muhammad once sat.
The Weapons They Used
The soldiers in the crusades used very brutal weapons such as long swords, Maces, spears, arrows, hammers, and by the end gunpowder was used. The crusades must have been very advanced because they had so many weapons and if by the end they had gunpowder then there weaponry must have been very advanced in my opinion. Thinking about the fact that everyone else was just using swords and they had gunpowder. They basically helped advance the worlds weaponry a lot because of all the guns we have now. If they didn't make gunpowder we would not have so many weapon advances.

We would not have grenades, guns, nuclear weapons all we would have is melee weapons so it would still be hand to hand combat.
The First Crusade
The First Crusade was trying to capture Jerusalem again. After the Muslims captured Jerusalem in 1076 any Christian who wanted go to the city had a very bad time because the Muslims didn't want them there....

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