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The Attainment Of Inner Satisfaction Essay

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Ever person wants to attain self appeasement. Its the way they get it that differs. When an person wants to gain satisfaction, the actions they choose to take in order to acquire it can greatly impact others. Usually, the individual will do more harm rather than good. As an individual reaches satisfaction their actions towards associates change and frequently evolve into rash, conceited and egotistical acts. In the play Romeo and Juliet, by William Shakespeare; the characters become egocentric as they hunger more and more for the outcome that will make them feel content. The characters portray realistic traits that express the philosophy that to gain self-fulfillment an individual's values change and with that, they transform into an unsympathetic and narcissistic person. As an matter of fact; to attain inner satisfaction individuals become very selfish, impetuous and ignorant of others.

A person can be motivated by other people to take action to manipulate their situation so it satisfies themselves.
When Romeo Montague professes his intense feelings for Juliet Capulet she cannot help but to doubt him. After all he is her family’s enemy and it is so sudden. Juliet makes Romeo prove his sincerity by marrying her. This satisfies Juliet as she has also fallen in love with romeo who is extremely happy that she wants him as her husband. However, this proves them both to be rather egocentric as they do not think of how they families would react if they discovered the lover's concealed marriage and nor do they care. To get married was an very rash decision on their behalf; especially since they just met.
In addition, after Mercutio is killed by Tybalt Capulet's hand, Romeo is motivated to get revenge for his beloved friend. Tybalt teases Romeo and encourages him to fight. Angered and filled with rage, Romeo slays Tybalt with satisfaction and justice for Mercutio. Inevitably, because Romeo did not consider the consequence of murdering Tybalt he was banished from Verona.
On top of that, when Romeo hears word of Juliet's "death" he decides he could only be satisfied if he were dead as well so he would not have to live without his true love. Romeo only thinks of himself and does not consider how tragic his death would be for his family and friends. Romeo acts very selfishly with planning his suicide because he only thinks about the pain it would cause him if he continued his life without Juliet. Since Romeo is adamant that Juliet is his one and only true love, he decides that without her he has no reason to exist and thus he purchases an fatal potion from the apothecary.

As well, ironic outcomes can result from the self-centered decisions made on an individual's ideology that the outcome will be satisfying for themselves.
To demonstrate this, Romeo only wanted to attend Lord Capulet's masquerade so he could gaze at Rosaline. This shows how that his thoughts were focused entirely around himself. But as he sadly...

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