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The Attitude For Success...This Is A Real Good Essay For A Teacher Who Always Says"Don't Tell Me What Happend Tell Me Why And How" Its Basically His Life Before He Helped Make The Us Free

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The Attitude For SuccessBenjamin Franklin is America's poster child for how to make it big in the United States. He is proof that with hard work, perseverance and a little bit of luck anything is possible in the land of opportunity. As the son of a soap maker and having seventeen siblings, Ben knew from an early age nothing would ever be given to him and he would have to work hard for anything he would want. Franklins' rise to success is still used as an example on how to succeed in America today. Amoung all of his great quality's his attitude stands out. His attitude of how to succeed, attitude toward inventing, and his attitude of public service are the reasons for Benjamin Franklin's rise to prominence.Benjamin Franklin was a winner in every sense of the word. Everytime he would be knocked down he would dust the dirt from is pants and get right back up. When his brother would beat him out of jealousy for his work on the paper, Ben did not give up what he loved. Ben took his talents elsewhere and ran away. Franklin would later prove that there is nothing more valuable to invest in then thy own oneself, as he borrowed some money and would set up his own print shop. Ben was a very enterprising individual, in addition to running a print shop; he owned his own bookstore. Franklin's puritan work ethic allowed him to purchase the Pennsylvania Gazette. Under his ownership the paper soon became the most sucessful in the colonies. What made Franklin's attitude so sucessful? One could attribute it to his work ethic, positive attitude, and confidence in his decision-making. His attitudes of succeeding reflect how many the sucessful early Americans made it. He was indeed, an example for others to follow.Franklin's attitude toward inventing maybe, the clearest example we have of this man's amazing character. Although he received much recognition for his inventions, he did not profit from them. Instead, he chose to give them to the world freely. He invented many things to which he became notable for, among them are: Swim fins, bifocals, wood stove, odometer and the lightning rod....

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