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The Australian Aboriginals Are The Native People Of Australia

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Have you ever guessed what might have happened in the Australian past? The Australian Aboriginals are natives of Australia and have lived there for many years. The Aborigine people have roamed Australia, the free-flowing land, for years, developing many customs and aspects to an interesting culture: language, body painting, beliefs, laws, music, hunting and art.
The Australian Aboriginals are the native people of Australia. They roamed the land for 40,000 years. The Indigenous Aborigines lived as nomads, hunter-gatherers, and “with a strong dependence on the land and their agriculture for survival (Ellie Crystal)”. The Aborigine ways of life were interrupted when Britain sent convicts to ...view middle of the document...

They believed in mystical beings whom created the land, plants, animals, and humans.
Ngnangkari is an Aboriginal doctor; part doctor and part priest and heals sickness coinciding with the Aborigine beliefs. The Aboriginals trust him more than doctors. Ngnangkari understands the spiritual problem of illness and performs spiritual rituals to relieve it.
Totems are honored by clans and they symbolize the plants, animals, ancestors, and thankfulness Aboriginals had for life. The Dreamings stood for the powerful qualities of the species. Totems are usually passed on through generations of a family.
Aboriginal’s laws believe in orderly living. Traditions and customs include; worshipping the powerful beings and respecting nature and Earth.
Aboriginal music takes a major role in their culture. It is carried on by the generations by being performed at religious ceremonies and special occasions. The didgeridoo is a particularly special instrument of the Aboriginals; it is a wind instrument in the form of a long wooden tube that makes rhythmic accents of timbre and volume. They traditionally made it from a hollow branch, which is shaped/blown in a particular way to make a resonant sound. Each didgeridoo is about 4 feet long, playing beats to religious songs.
Aboriginals are skilled at tracking animals and hunting. Traditionally, men hunted with wooden spears and boomerangs. A boomerang is a crescent-shaped instrument carved from wood with paintings of animal designs. The idea of boomerangs originated in India and Egypt, but Australians designed the boomerangs to return. It is a type of hunting club used to stun/kill animals. The oldest...

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