The Australian Hero: An Overview Of What Is A Hero And How It Has Changed Over Time

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THE AUSTRALIAN HEROWHAT IS A HERO?Many people have different representations of a hero, which is impacted by a person's social and cultural understanding within society. My beliefs of a hero are shaped by my knowledge of Australia and the values and beliefs I practice. Attributes of egalitarianism, mateship and anti-authoritarianism have shaped our national identity and developed into the concept of the Australian hero. The discourse of a hero is quite remarkably different to that of other countries. In pre-modern times, heroism has always linked with the 'outdoors', is predominantly male with a well built, muscular figure. He is involved in dangerous situations of self-sacrifice. These attributes are very common in male soldiers. That is why Australia has a strong respect for war veterans, as they are regarded as heroes within society. There are many national ceremonies that mark this importance to Australia. Not only do we remember the ANZAC's that fought in the Gallipolli War, but also the poppy, and our national remembrance Day to pay our respect for all soldiers who dies in war. This idea of a hero has not changed substantially in today's society.HOW HAS THE DEFINITION OF A HEROCHANGED OVER TIME?While, history has played an important part in developing our national identity, popular culture has reconstructed these views within society. The mass media is constantly developing and reinforcing the national hero of Australia. These cultural concepts are forces which shape our Australian Identity. Australia has grown to value many sporitng heroes due to their physical prowess. This is due to Australia's strong sense of pride when it comes to the sporting arena. We have grown to value sporting achievements mostly because Australia has become a host for international sport. There is the annual Grand Prix and Australian Open held in Melbourne. The 1956 Games were also held in Melbourne. The 2000 Olympics was held in Sydney, which was a huge success for Australia to be recognised internationally. And in 2006, Melbourne will hold the Commonwealth Games. Australia also has a Cricket team that has become internationally recognisable. One of our greatest sporting achievements was the creation of the Australian Football League. Many Australian's follow it religiously. Sport is part of our everyday lives; it is...

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