The Australian Quarantine Essay

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The Australian Quarantine

Quarantine is Australia's first line of defense, protecting our unique
environment against exotic pests and diseases. The Australian
Quarantine and Inspection Service is a government dept. that (AQIS)
inspects incoming luggage, cargo, mail, animals and plants and their
products, and provide inspection and certification for a range of

Selection process

Selection advisory committees when considering who to hire use the
following to assess each applicant

* Written application

* Interview performance

* Referee reports/ reference checks

* Technical assessment

* Security check

* Medical tests

The selection process at AQIS is merit based. Before applicants reach
the interview stage or applicants are only considered for the next
step if they meet the selection criteria.


The employment interview is the most widely used selection technique.
It’s a conversation with a purpose between an interviewer and a job
applicant. .interviews can be structured or unstructured depending on
the type of interview used.

Interview types

The type of interview chosen by the employer is determined by a number
of factors including: the personal preference of the interviewer; the
history and customs of the organization; the cost;
administrative/legal requirements. Interview types are

Panel interviews

The panel interview is used by employers in the public service sector,
universities, and other government establishments. It involves at
least three, or as many as seven, interviewers. At least one
interviewer is an "independent" whose role is to ensure that selection
is not biased by discriminatory practices, and to provide an external
perspective to the interview process. This allows all interviewers to
evaluate the applicant on the same questions and answers at the same


Group interviews
A rare form of interview where the employer interviews a number of
applicants at once. It often involves dividing the applicants into
small groups and giving them a problem to solve. This type of
interview is often used to determine group working ability.

Computer screening

Screening applications via computer. A recent innovation which uses
online testing and assessment procedures to generate information on
the candidate such as intelligence, leadership etc.

Interview type used at AQIS

Panel Interview

Why have a panel?

This method offers the advantages that come from the diverse insights,
observations and experiences of panel member

Selecting candidates through panel

The chairperson of the panel will receive relevant files from Canberra
containing all applications...

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