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The Authority Of Man Essay

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Man has authority over every other species on earth. What is authority and what is it made up of? Lonergan answers this in his piece, “Dialectic of Authority.” His analysis of power includes its definition and its requirements. He explains how it comes about and the efforts people must go through to achieve it, both in a community and as individuals. He also ties it to the transcendental precepts.
According to Lonergan, authority can be defined as “legitimate power.” The definitions and attributes of power and legitimacy must be discussed in order to truly grasp the concept of authority. This legitimate power can only be harvested when applied to the transcendental precepts. These are to ...view middle of the document...

Since power comes with cooperation amongst people, a functional community is essential. A community is not just a group of people in one are. It is people with common judgment, common aims, common experience, and a similar way of comprehending each other. A lack of common understanding and experience means people can’t relate experientially and will misinterpret each other leading to a lack of trust and possibly give rise to contempt. A lack of common judgment will make relationships between people irrelevant and disproportional while a lack of common aims will make people work for different goals drastically decreasing their efficiency.
Through cooperation, meaning and value is given to the world. This is achieved through travel, research, and communication that results in religious, systematic, scientific, literary, mathematical, and practical meaning and values. This means that there are many ways to view the world since cooperation requires understanding and comprehension.
These meanings and values could be authentic or not authentic. They are authentic when they cumulatively give way to the transcendental precepts, which as mentioned before, include being attentive, intelligent, reasonable, and responsible....

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