The Autism Spectrum: Possible Causes And Effects

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Twenty five percent of people around the world suffer from some sort of mental illness. That is about 2 billion people worldwide. People might not be able to recognize all of the people with the illnesses. One percent of all people are on the Autistic spectrum. Signs and symptoms normally appear between the ages of two and three, but there are early signs. There has been research for this disorder on the subject of causes, but the causes are unknown for the most part. The effects are complicated as well, and follow no specific rule, just a few outlines. There is not even one type of Autism, just the autistic spectrum, which encompasses all the different intensity levels of Autism. Autism is caused by many things, and not one in particular, but includes genetic vulnerability, complications during pregnancy, and various environmental factors, but the effects can be from social habits, behavior, and communication.
Autism is a very complex disease, doctors still have not found a specific cause of Autism, but there are many causes that may be the link to the disease. Genetic vulnerability plays a role in the development of Autism. Autistic symptoms can be present as soon as the child is one year old. There are many genetic mutations that account for many diseases, including Autism. One of the most common genetic causes for Autism is “Fragile X Syndrome” (Causes). Studies have shown that 30% of people with Fragile X Syndrome have Autism as well (Autism and Fragile X Syndrome). Tuberous sclerosis is another disease often associated with the genetics of Autism. About 40% of people with Tuberous sclerosis develop Autism (TSC and Autism Spectrum Disorders). The main reason for the two diseases link is because of “the abnormalities in brain development that occur in TSC sometimes interfere with the proper development
of brain areas that are important for the development of social communication skills” (TSC and Autism Spectrum Disorders). There have been studies showing the inheritance of Autism. “If Autism is found in an identical twin, there is a 90% chance the other twin will be affected by the disorder. Autism is not hereditary from the parents, but is hereditary through siblings. If a child is born with Autism, the next child from the same gene set increases to about 5% from the under 1% chance for the general population” (Autism Fact Sheet). Besides genetic vulnerability, complications during pregnancy and birth can cause someone to be on the Autistic spectrum. “Taking antidepressants during the pregnancy is a cause for autism” (Autism Symptoms & Early Signs). The age of the parents also affect the baby. “The older the mother is the chance of having a child being born with Autism increases. The age of the father can also cause the child to be born with Autism” (Autism Symptoms & Early Signs). Nutrition is important in every pregnancy, but “if the mother does not have a good diet containing enough folic acid it can cause birth defects such as cleft...

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