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The Automobile Essay

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Henry Ford's business model made the automobile not only affordable for the general public but also a necessity that underlined the fabric of American culture and the economy simultaneously. Throughout the 1920's, the automobile became a symbol of American prosperity and captivated the psychological interest of the general public. As automobiles became more attainable, they were viewed as an indispensable vehicle to increased mobility and ultimately freedom of choice. This newfound freedom had profound effects on Americans at the time, causing a major shift in ideals from previous decades. Individuals and society as whole experienced spontaneous freedom without immediate repercussions; ...view middle of the document...

The American public’s attitude shows that they had been so thoroughly absorbed in the automotive spectacle that they lost sight of the adverse toll Ford’s actions took on the worker’s livelihood. Sociologists Robert S. Lynd and Helen Merrell Lynd, who focused their study on a town in Indiana, further demonstrated the change in priorities. They interviewed several working class wives who expressed: “We’d rather do without clothes than give up the car” and “I’ll go without food before I’ll see us give up the car” (Commentary, 2). These statements demonstrate the significance American families placed on automobiles, dictating their importance ahead of food and clothing for their children. This change in ideology shows the grasp the automobile had on families and how strongly it influenced their ideals at the time. This reliance exhibits the extents Americans will go to maintain a certain lifestyle, which might not seem immediately alarming but would have negative consequences in the future.
The freedom of mobility provided by the automobile at first gave Americans what seemed like autonomy over their life without foreseeable concerns, which led to increased spending as encouraged by the propagation of consumerism. For families throughout the U.S., the automobile became more than a means of faster transportation, it became a symbol of social rank. This development can be seen in an excerpt of Sinclair Lewis’ novel, Babbitt, in which a businessman discusses buying a new car with his family. Mr. Babbitt’s daughter urges her father that “everybody’s got a closed car now except us!” while his son adds, “if the Doppelbraus can afford a closed car, I guess we can” (Commentary, 8). Lewis uses satire to effectively critique the developing social standards of the time, mocking the ubiquitous conformity of individuals to these standards. This common portrayal of American values during the 1920’s shows how the automobile became a status symbol, which Americans judged each other upon, as it was the most boast-worthy possession for most at the time. This notion led to many individuals placing financial strains upon themselves to be able to afford the latest and greatest car in order to compete with their neighbors and friends. William Ashdown further characterizes this negative trend in “Confessions of an Automobilist”, stating that the “race to outdo the other fellow is a mad race indeed” (Commentary, 9). It’s important to note the author’s potential bias in the criticism as he alludes to the fact that he owns a car and it’s uncertain to which degree it has affected him personally and financially. Additionally, Ashdown notes that “the ease with which a car can be purchased on the time-payment plan is all too easy a road to ruin”, while the “habit of thrift will never be acquired through so wasteful a medium as an automobile“ (Commentary, 9). The psychological effect of the automobile is most recognizable in this cycle of increased spending as...

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