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The Availabilty Of The Internet Of Everything

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The internet of everything (IoE) can be briefly described as the connection that could exist and relate people with people (P2P), machine with machine(M2M) and people with machines (P2M), this can be summarized as connection between people, processes, machines or things and data, what this also means for P2P connection is that in terms of distances, cultures it will bring people from different parts of the world together and thus making them understand each other’s difference which somehow bring the citizens of the world closer together, in terms of M2M it will allow for artificial intelligent machines to be able to maintain themselves which could result in the saving of funds and in terms of M2P it will allow for better communication between machines and people and which might result in lives being saved or certain catastrophic disasters being better prepared for. The availability of IOE mainly focuses on establishments of data centers, components of the server hardware, the server system management software, application software, disk hardware, database software, network software, network hardware, desktop hardware and also precautions that need to be focused on for every component installed during the establishment of the system and this components will allow for availability of the system and reduce downtime of the system if any should occur.
Data centers
Data centers are said to be a group of networked computer servers typicaly used by organizations for the remote storage, processing, or/and distribution of large amounts of data (Dictionary, 2014), so this will be a very important factor when the IOE is being rolled out, basically the are certain steps which need to be followed when setting up the data center, what is most basic of all that is going to be needed are secret and secure locations, this will allow for data to be safe in terms of security and also will allow for data saved not to be compromised, the second thing that will be required will be a clean and reliable power source the back up battery supply needs to last for at least 150% of the time for backup generators to come online as this will allow for a continual power supply if the generators have a problem coming online also the generators have to be able to power the infrastructure for more than 48 hours , the other thing that will be needed is the a cooling component it is known that since the data center will contain many components it will over heat and when they do they behave abnormally or stop operating so a reliable cooling fan will be needed to keep them cool, a network connection with in the data center to allow for data to be transmitted in and out of the data center and this thus will require more bandwidth transmition as huge ammounts of data will be dealt with, a Halon fire suspension which is a liquefied compressed gas that stops the spread of fire by chemically disrupting combustion this means unlike water it won’t soak the components which will...

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