The Awareness Of Financial Management Students Regarding Career Risk

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This table measures how students agree or disagree on the statement given on the survey questionnaire. On the first statement, 46.15% of first year students strongly agree, 35.71% of second year students strongly agree and 38.46% third year students strongly agree lack of interest on the chosen program leads to unsatisfying wants. The table below shows the result of the statement, lack of interest on the chosen program leads to unsatisfying wants, 50% of male students strongly agreed and 37.50% of female strongly agreed, too.
As in the shown result, this signifies that female students were not interested on anything, female still have the eagerness to fulfill the task and responsibility, while male students, were having their field of interest, and only exert effort on the things they really want.
Time management is merely important in accomplishing task and goals. The table above shows how students agree on poor time management, which compromises risk in accomplishing task and responsibility, 50% of male students strongly agreed, 37.50% of female students, strongly agreed, and 69.23% of first year, 64.29% of second year and 38.46% of third year students strongly agree that poor time management compromises risk in accomplishing task and responsibility.
The results state that first year and second year are having hard times in accomplishing requirements, while third year were not, maybe because, on the existence of third year students, awareness of managing requirements and task, which are settled immediately, unlike the first year and second year students who were experiencing adjustment on college life.

In pursuing college career, there are many factors to consider, but one of the issues regarding this factor is the family’s financial stability. The result from the survey is shown below.
The male students with 18.75% strongly agree, female students with about 37.50% strongly agree and 23.08% of first year, 28.57% of second year, and 38% of third year students strongly agree. These results were not on the half of the percentage of students who agreed on the factor stated above. Many of the students disagreed; male students with 25% disagreed on female with 8.33%. If the survey will consider the year level, 15.38% of first year, 28.57% of second year and 0% of third year students disagreed on family’s financial stability was one of the significant factors in pursuing ones career.
The researchers have insights about the result, and simply stated that students strongly agreed, because studying has lots of expenses, excluding the tuition fees. The expenses for different activities, projects and requirements of college students are hard to earn for a student who do not have family’s financial stability. Students have a low capability to perform well on school’s different activities and requirements. On the other hand, some of the students disagreed on the statement, in terms of financial stability; students can still pursue career...

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