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"The Axe Effect" Essay

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Elaina RawlinsEnglish 17017Lauren Baker19 October 2014RAP Final DraftBuddy'sOn campus here at UCO there are quite a few places to eat. Each one of these places has something different to offer - they each send different messages also. Some send implied messages like "come here to be to get to know your fellow school mates". Others just send messages saying "come eat here because we have good food". At Buddy's, the message being conveyed is "Come here, be social, and eat good food in a comfortable environment".As soon as a person walks in its not hard to notice the simple yet comfortable atmosphere. The colors of the cafeteria consist mostly of cool colors like greens, browns, and blues. There have been numerous studies on the way these colors effect our emotions and perceptions off different places. The lights in the cafeteria are of different earthy colors like green and orange. These are placed over some of the seats to give people some extra lighting while eating. "Green represents tranquility…is often used in decorating for its calming effect…is thought to relieve stress and help heal" says psychology expert Kendra Cherry in her article Color Psychology How Colors Impact Moods, Feelings, and Behaviors. Green also implies freshness, which is why a countless number of other restaurants use it to decorate. According to the article Symbolism of Colours, Associations of The Five Elements, Chinese Beliefs, and Feng Shui, feelings associated with blue are "relaxation, exploration, trust, calmness, immortality " along with qualities of conservation and healing. These colors are often used when implementing the harmonious effects of Feng Shui. One could say that whoever thought up the layout for Buddy's thought about the effects of these colors in order to help students be able to have their meals in a relaxed environment.Aristotle once said "The aim of art is to represent not the outward appearance of things, but their inward significance." In Buddy's, they use artwork in just that way. Now granted they aren't as fancy and sophisticated as other restaurants, but they do use pictures and symbols in a small way to attract people. They have a few simple pieces of artwork plastered on the walls. Throughout the kitchen, there are pictures of food. For example, near the main entrée bar at the back, there is picture of the fresh, ripe-looking tomatoes. This, along with other features like the Fresh Market sign at the front of the salad bar, to keep people wanting to come back. We all know that most people want their food to be fresh when they go out...

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