The B.T.K. Killer Essay

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This paper takes a look at the life and the murders of Dennis Rader, A.K.A. BTK killer.

While reading this paper you will gain better knowledge of what the BTK killer did and the

reasons for why he committed ten murders. Dennis Rader was a normal guy living in Wichita,

Kansas. He would have never been suspected of murdering ten people, until he sent the police

a critical piece of evidence. This was Rader’s only mistake throughout his thirty-one years of


The BTK Killer 3

“How many people do I have to Kill before I get a name in the paper or some national

attention (Dennis Rader, n.d)” Dennis was born on March 9th

Rader (Dennis Rader, n.d). Dennis was born in Pittsburg, Kansas but was raised in Wichita

(Dennis Rader, n.d). He graduated from Wichita Heights High School and in 1957 he was

confirmed into Zion Lutheran Church (Dennis Lynn Rader, Blanco). Rader had serial killer

symptoms when he was younger. He admitted to torturing animals when he was younger. Rader

also admitted he has a sexual fetish for women’s underwear (Dennis Lynn Rader, Blanco). Rader

served his country in the Air Force. Rader spent four years in the service and was stationed in

Texas, Alabama, Okinawa, South Korea, Greece, and Turkey (Dennis Lynn Rader, Blanco).

When Rader left the service, he found a job in the meat department at Leekers IGA supermarket

in Park City (Dennis Lynn Rader, Blanco).

Rader married Paula Dietz, on May 22nd

would conceive two children, one boy and one girl (Dennis Lynn Rader, Blanco). Rader, after

relocating to Park City, attended Butler County Community College in El Dorado (Dennis Lynn

Rader, Blanco). He would earn his associates degree in Electronics in 1973 (Dennis Lynn Rader,

Blanco). In 1979, Rader would earn his Bachelor’s degree in Administration of Justice at

Wichita State University (Dennis Lynn Rader, Blanco).

Rader would hold various jobs throughout his schooling and life. He worked as an

assembler for a camping gear firm called Coleman Company (Dennis Lynn Rader, Blanco).He

also worked for ADT Security Service for four years until being fired (Dennis Lynn Rader,

The BTK Killer 4

Blanco). Some believe that this is how Rader was able to disable security systems without a hitch

(Dennis Lynn Rader, Blanco). Rader was hired as a supervisor of the Compliance Department at

Park City (Dennis Lynn Rader, Blanco). He was in charge of animal control, housing problems,

zoning, general permit enforcement, and a variety of nuisance cases (Dennis Lynn Rader,

Blanco). Neighbors recall Rader to be overly strict and one resident says that Dennis euthanized

her dog without any reason (Dennis Lynn Rader, Blanco).

Dennis Rader terrorized the Wichita community between 1974 and 1991. On January

, 1974 Dennis Rader murdered four members of the Otero family, Joseph, Julie, Joseph II,

and Josephine (Dennis Rader, n.d). Dennis Rader sent the first of many letters to a Wichita-based