The Bad Effects Of 24 Hour Television News

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News have become indispensable in people’s life that it cannot be escaped anymore. Especially in these days while issues in the world have become intense. We all find ourselves switching over regular channel to the news channels. Without realizing 24- hour news channels affect us or not, we become addicted to these channels. Social analysts examine and investigate how 24 hour news channels affect people. While we spend most of our times spend on watching news channels we should have some questions in our minds to criticize 24 hour news channels. How do we know that the news that we watch on TV are true or not? How do we know that they are not biased or manipulated by specific groups? How do we realize this situation? While we are facing with crises that happen in the world isn’t it turn on news channel become hard or stressful every day? Are we sure that we are not affected by news psychologically? If these questions are asked it is not difficult to see that 24 –hour news channels create bad effects on journalism, government’s policy and people’s psychology.
Ethics of journalism is one of the most important criteria for a reliable news which requires accuracy and trustworthiness. Before television, when we learn something from someone we usually got used to searching for source of the news and learn if it is true or not. But nowadays, we watch news on channels which give 24 hour news broadcast. People usually think that these channels are professional at journalism and whether they show us is true because it is their province. Nonetheless, with emerge of 24 hour news channels “news” has become something commercial and something that they can profit from it. 24- Hour channels have started to compete each other for audience. These new aim of news channels changed the structure of news and turned it to an entertainment tool. With 24 hour news channels the aim of journalism has changed. If “Scoop” becomes the main purpose for a newsletter the main criteria for a good news also becomes preceding substance (Lewis, Cushion and others, 2006, p.466). Newsletters no longer seeking to show truth of events, opposing they look for events which would take more attention of audience. A survey on analysis of 24 – hour channels claim that the stories told in 24 hour news are uncorroborated and facts are unchecked (Lewis, Cushion and others, 2006 p. 462). Because there is worry for profit more than honesty, producers now chase after breaking news and stories which are more striking which help them to impressive audience by their stories. Lewis (2001) claims that “generally news provides very little of the kind of analysis or context that might explain the meaning and significance of a story” (cited from Lewis, Cushion and others, 2006, p. 463). Now, with news reports media authorities who have power to determine and change the subject of agenda of country. Therefore, they make audiences to be included to their aims. Audiences are no longer just viewers of these...

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