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The Bad Guy Essay

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Turn the TV on. There is a girl on the weather channel; she is skinny. Change the channel. A new series pop up, the main character is a girl with curves and she has the good-looking boy by her side. Go to the store and grab a magazine. The models on the cover do not have an over-weight looking body. The right thing to do would be blaming media for giving young girls the idea of a perfect body and also, proving them with the illusion that a body is what they need to have a good, happy, and full-filling life. But, is it really all media’s fault? In today’s world, people are misreading what media is really about, and they have started to blame it for the bad that is in the world. A bad that is changing people’s eating habits because of body dissatisfaction, other people’s influence and even, competition between themselves.
Currently, the society has been under the influence of certain illness that is changing the way they eat. People have stopped worrying about their health and instead, they are trying to create a fake image of what they think is the perfect body. Eating disorders have take most of the youngest part of our society, they are being diagnosed with Anorexia Nervosa or Bulimia, or as they call them – Ana and Mia. “If Eating Disorders could be summed up in one word it would be extreme” (Parks 11). Let’s introduce Ana and Mia. Ana likes to yell at her friends when they want to eat a second portion of a cake and she will not stop kicking and screaming until she makes their friends stop eating; and maybe even then, she will not stop. Mia, is the insatiable friend, who would whisper on their friends ears: “Why would you eat just one portion of that delicious cake when you can have it all?” but as gluttonous as she is, Mia would make their friends eat until they vomit so that way they can have more and more food. The youth believe Ana and Mia are their friends, an easy way out to their problems, a solution to have what the skinny people have, but what they do not know is that this two illness could take them to the grave in a blink of an eye.
Therefore, it is easy to say that this issue starts by a dissatisfaction of a body image. “Body dissatisfaction involves subjective disapproval of one’s own body shape or form and the belief that it is unattractive to others” (In The Eye Of The Beholder 20). There are many speculations on why people start disliking their bodies. One of them can be media giving them the “Ideal Perfect Body”, but there is another reason of why and this is the peer influence. The peer influence can be found around the person on question, it either can be his or her own family and friends or maybe the next door girl who is skinny and has everything this person desire. Many times people tend to worry about other’s people life than their own, and they do not realize the outcomes of this single thing. Sometimes is just the feeling of not having an own life, because they want what the others have but this time it goes beyond...

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