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The Bad Side Of Marajuana And How It Affects The Human Body And A Couple Interesting Facts About Extacie

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did you know that when you smoke one marajuana cigarett it is worse than smoking one pack of cigaretts? thirty percent of car crashes invole marajuana. the normal reaction time after smoking two marajuana cigaretts your reaction time in a car is reduced by eighty percent. marajuana also gives people black lung ...view middle of the document...

marajuana also makes people more lazy and not do alot of stuff in life. marajuana also kills the little cells in your head called brain cells. marajuana also rotts away tour memory, so people who smoke marajuana are mor likely to forget things than people whodont. most people who buy and smoke marajuana dont go very far in life they just barrely get through spending their money on this drug. did you know that scientists are testing the drug extacie on lab monkeys? they gave them three dozes a day for four days and the drug was still eating away their brain cells seven years later. so if you want to have a good future stay in scholl, go to colledge, and dont smoke marajuana, or dont do any drugs at all, why you might ask so you will live a longer more happy life.

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