The Bahamian And American Cultures Essay

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Marcus Garvey said, “A people without the knowledge of their past history, origin and culture is like a tree without roots.” (Vinod, 2013, p. 358). According to (Cole, 1986) Culture is “a people’s patterns of behavior; the totality of values, ideas and means by which a people deals with its geographical, social, political and economic environment” It is considered as way of life adopted and exercised over a given period of time some bordering to centuries. Different communities have different cultures which are essential in assigning each of these communities an identity. With globalization and modern trends, cultures have been shared among countries leading to determination of newer ...view middle of the document...

In America, Standard English is the most popular language used. Stated by (Seymour, n.d., p. 65), Standard English “is simply a dialect of English.” However, the Bahamian language is used in slightly different forms by the different dialects, although there are small differences in their usage. With the Bahamian people distributed across more than 40 islands, each of these islands use the Bahamian language imbedded with the unique characteristics of the culture. “This creolized speech is also evident in other Caribbean countries such as Jamaica, Trinidad and Tobago and the Barbados” (Rommen, 2011, p. 88). For the American language, it’s divided along racial segmentations where there exists English speaking Americans, the Latinos, the Asians and dozens of languages originating from different immigrant communities in the country.
Words such as ‘Biggety’, ‘Jook’ and ‘Spry’ and phrases such as ‘On ya Run’, ‘Ya ma’ and ‘Vell Muddoes’ have been around for years and are still being used in everyday conversations of Bahamians. Pronouns in Bahamian dialect are commonly equivalent as in Standard English. Nevertheless, phrases such as yinna, y'all or all a ya would take the place of “you all.’ Bahamian dialect habitually vary from Standard English by means of ‘your’ becoming or ‘ya’, his or hers being replaced by he or she and their changing into dey. For instance, das ya book? Is the alternate saying for 'is that your book?' “The use of possessive theys has been observed in Bahamian English, as in it’s theys boat” (Reaser and Torbert, 2004, p. 399). Verb treatment in Bahamian creole varies ominously from that of Standard English. For instance, the phrase to go, Bahamians would say “I does go”. “This usage is clearly modeled on Bahamian Creole, which possesses an overt preverbal marker of habitual aspect, does, as in We does go to church every Sunday”(Hackert, p. 50) In addition, Bahamian creole differ from Standard English and are Bahamian dialect.
“Bahamian Creole has been described as more syllable timed than British or American varieties of English, but syllable timing is not absolute.”(Holm, 1989, p. 129). The Bahamian language has less infiltration by Latino and Asian languages compared to the American language. It is believed that the Bahamian language is more different from the American language than believed for this primary reason. “The country is more of a tourism haven for many Americans rather than a source of lingual and cultural exchange” (Porter and Danforth, 2012, p. 119).
There exist major differences in religion between the American and the Bahamian culture different from major views held that both cultures have similar religious practices. Similarly, (Niose, 2012, para. 6), argue that “America may be a bit more religious than many other developed nations.” While the America religion is more liberalized with different religions ranging from Catholics, Protestants and Islam, the Bahamas may be more religious than America....

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