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The Banana Kings Legacy Essay

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Back in the day the United Fruit Company was a very big deal, especially in New Orleans. A man named Zemuarry, in particular, greatly impacted New Orleans. Rich Cohen became obsessed with Zemuarry and wrote a book, The Fish That Ate The Whale:The Life and Times of America’s Banana King, giving a complete explanation on all the good, and also the very bad Zemuarry did. Sam Zemurray and his family made very large contributions to Tulane, started many foundations in his name, and also had a garden names after him. The things Zemuarry participated in were not always constititional, people have forgotten about him and will never learn who Zemuarry actually is.
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was a student at Tulane, than proceded to donate half a million dollars for various projects around the campus. Zemuarry was on the Tulane board for many years.
Still today Zummarys legacy has lived on at Tulanes campus. There are two bulding named after his daughter, New Doris Hall, and Old Doris Hall, the Stone Center, names after his son-in-law, and of course Zemuarry Hall named after himself. Walking around campus could almost be Zemuarrys family portrait, but the students of Tulane don’t know, or even care about the menaing behind all the Halls and building on the campus.
Today there are absolutly no buildings from the contributions from Zemuarry. The Doris Halls were torn down years ago, and all the other bulding have new names now making Zemuarrys legacy destroyed and non-excitent. Which is how Zemuarry would have liked it. Most of Zemuarrys contributions were done anonomously so we have no way of actually knowing of what Zemuarry actually did, and the extenct of his genorisity. He hated putting his name on projects that he funded, and most of the buildings named after his family was actually named after Zemuarry had died.
Zemuarry, from the start always partcipated in charities. He gave money to start a clinic to help the troubled children of New Orleans. Zemuarry also gave funds to the first hospitial for “Negro” woman. His daughter Doris, helped convince Zemuarry to give $250,000 to Radcliff College to endow a professorship at Harvard. This endowment brought about the first female professor on the Arts and Sciences Faculty of the university.
One of Zemuarrys most significant contributions was he helped to create the Middle American Reasurce Institute at Tulane. MRI is the collection of ancient Mayan artifacts found around the world that would be sent to New Orleans to be studied.
Zemuarry started his own private, non-operating foundation. This foundation was a funding agency supportinh educational and cultural programs.
Zemuarry bought a twenty-five- thousand acre plantation near Hammond Louisiana. He made this area the place that he would go to when he needed to unwind...

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