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The Band, Queen Essay

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The Band, Queen

In early 1970 the band Queen was formed. Freddie Mercury on vocals, Brian May on guitar, Roger Taylor on drums and Mike Gross on bass. They had known each other for years. All living in the town of Kensington in Britain, sometimes even living together. Brian and Roger belonged to a band called Smile, and Freddie was a very talented vocalsit playing for the band Ibex. They decided to join forces, to better themselves, and their chances of obtaining fame and fortune. After a few months with only a few gigs Mike Gross left the band. He was replaced by Barry Mitchell, who only played a few gigs with them. After a few short months they were looking for their third bass player. Roger, was at a party one night and was introduced to John Deacon, an electronics major at the University of London and a good bass player. The two hit it off, and Deacon became the new member of Queen.
The early days were not easy for the bnd. They had few gigs to play and received little money. They had great confidence in themselves. They knew they could make it. The gigs they did play were at small colleges, or pubs. They were glad to show their ability even if the crowd was small. The songs they wrote were improving, and they were learning how to execute an exciting live show. Before long, they were hungry for a record deal. They went to every company, but no one would sign them. Finally in 1972 Trident records signed Queen, along with two other bands as a package. Atleast now, Queen had sufficient studio time. Meanwhile they were making a name for themselves with their live performances. They were loud and energetic, and a following was beginning to assemble. Recording for Trident was not all they had hoped it would be. They had to use spare studio time, because major artists like Elton John and the Beach Boys, were top priority.
In 1973, Queen had completed the demo tapes which would later become their first album. Trident helped sign them to their parent company EMI after many negotiations. EMI granted them more studio time, and paid them a descent amount of money. Even then EMI could see that under the raw demo tapes, was a talented group of musicians. On July 6, the band's fist single "Keep Yourself Alive was released. It received mixed reaction from both Britain and the U.S. The album titled "Queen 1" was released later that week. It climbed to #24 in Britain, but stalled at #83 in the U.S. They were asked to be the opening band for the band Mott The Hoople on their tour of the U.K. They won many of the crowds over, and let the world know how talented they were. After the tour they recorded their second album appropriately titled "Queen 2". The single Seven Seas Of Rhye was a huge hit in the U.K The album climbed to #4 in the U.K and even reached the top 50 in the U.S. where the bands popularity was growing rapidly. They continued their exhausting tour scheduele going throughout the U.K. and even to Japan! The japanese loved...

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