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The more things change, the more they tend to remain the same. Years can pass and many things may appear different, yet most things remain as they were centuries ago, although they may be slightly altered. The Barcelona chair has showed face for the past eight decades, never changed and hardly reformed, the common Barcelona trend makes a 21st century come back.
A trend, an easy entity to follow, todays trends however have had a de-ja-vu effect on today’s society. Many fashion and design trends have been seen and done before. This time round they have re-emerged in the past years and upgraded ever so slightly to suit the trend followers of today’s era. Trends such as Jeans have flown through the years and have had many follow the form. From working class jeans, to the crazy cowboy bootlegs and of course the rebel years, to nowadays seen as the relaxed era of jeans.
Trends originated during the “ancient roman times, clothing was merely animal skin and grasses, but soon developed into cloth during the Greek and Roman times”. (Kimberley Heit, 2012) ‘’Men and women draped cloth over their bodies’’. Slowly a common trend occurred where “women draped up to five layers of cloth at a time’’, and the trend was shortly thereafter followed. Kimberley stated that :”it wasn’t until the 1900’s that trends started and grew more rapidly” (Kimberley Heit,2012)
Nowadays, according to Hung Tran,” a person is employed to find out local and worldwide trends, this person is called a trend forecaster, they predict why and how trends emerge or re-emerge and how this specific trend will be introduced in the long term.” (Hung Tran, 2013.) A trend forecaster will determine what current trends are trending, such as music, literature, film and art etc. and what past trends have passed through. “Their methodologies are kept secret as companies pay great amounts of money to gather this information, in order for their goods to sell”. (Hung Tran, 2013.)
A trend forecaster would determine current and past furniture trends in order to find out what trends are generating greater profits in today’s society. In this case a trend forecaster would have determined that there is a high demand for authentic, outdated, renowned furniture pieces, like the Barcelona chair.
1929 brought a new era, this time in history was home to many modern features, such as architecture, furniture, clothes and much more, yet thanks to Ludwig Mies van de Rohe his most timeless design, is a design still bought and used in modern homes today. According to (Nicholas, Weber, 20090, “Ludwig Mies van de Rohe was a leading German Avant Garde architect”. Yet he was only classified as avant grade as he went against Hitler’s norms and [2]laws of function. During the Bauhaus era Hitler reinforced the ideals of standardising the design and construction of furniture, which in turn made the manufacturing of furniture easier and less time consuming. Hitler requested all furniture to be mass produced rather than designed...

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