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The Barriers Islamic Women Face As Explained In The Worl'd's Religions By Huston Smith

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The Sacred Balance by David Suzuki is a novel based on the changes in the world – in regard to nature and science. Some of the topics covered include global warming, the interactions of humans and nature, how humans are affected by our main gifts in life – air, water, soil and energy, and how love effects us in respect to relationships. Explain in detail the elements of earth. The main idea in this book is the position human’s hold on this Earth. Suzuki writes in his novel about how many things are formed through the sum of its’ parts . This concept can be applied to the Earth, meaning that everything living and non-living thing contribute to the way the system of the world works. Every interaction, confliction and movement contributes to the different systems (biological and ecological) that assist with the maintenance of the world. The complex systems within the world each have their own worth, no matter whether it affects people or not. There are many components on this Earth that, in some way, affect us, even though we may not see it . This book covers the reasons why humans must treat the world properly in order for the next generations to encounter the many opportunities that humans today have experienced.
The World’s Religions by Huston Smith is a novel based on the different religions found around the world. The main area of focus within this book was to expand the knowledge of different cultures and their religions. The chapters that were specified to focus on include Islam, Judaism, Christianity and the Primal Religions. Go into detail about each religion. Smith goes into great detail about each religion, concentrating on the teachings and essential elements of each religion, important people that helped form the religion, and traditions. He specifically discusses how these three religions are very similar rather then how different they are, with the main studies on Moses, Jesus, and Mohammad. Finally he discusses the Primal Religions – meaning the traditions that are passed down through oral communication.
A sensitive subject, in the Islamic religion, is the status that a women holds - specifically with respect to the theme of how women are treated within polygamous relationships. Smith’s main thesis is that the Islamic religion has been accused of degrading women and he plans to share information to prove that this is a very valid fact. A polygamous relationship is a relationship or marriage with many partners. The Islam’s believe in polygamous relationships and the rules are specifically stated within the Koran. The Koran allows for a man to have up to four wives/partners, although, if he cannot equally share his love with all of his wives/partners, then he must only marry one . Smith has a very valid point, although there are many sources that support and refute his opinion. Mohammad Ali Syed discovered that the Islamic law allows for polygamy under certain circumstances, such as the treatment towards orphans....

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