The Barriers Students Face In Adjusting From Normal Life To University Culture

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This essay investigates the barriers that students may face in adjusting from normal life to university culture. The barriers are changing in attitudes and experiences of students, developing metacognitive skills, culture shocks and the university requirements such as IELTS exam and learning.
The changing in attitudes and experiences of students can be A survey was made for the first year students and was conducted at five year intervals for 1994, 1999 and 2004. From the survey in 1994, there has been a decline in the proportion of students feeling that university has not met their expectations, whereas in 2004 students are notably more satisfied with their course of study and with the quality of teaching they are experiencing. Half of the respondents have the same opinion that the staffs is approachable in discussing about their work and less than one third of students feels that the lecturers are interested in their students progression and ready to lend a hand on any queries.
Australian University have different style of learning and high standard of education with the latest technological systems. The use of information and communication technologies (ICTs) has played a major role in changing the features of teaching, learning and interaction in the first year. Since 2004, majority of students are able to access online their course resources, contact their peers and lecturers by email and could use computer software designed for their course. This is an advantage for students because it will take less time to communicate and interact with peers and lecturers. Not only that, it is also useful for them in the future to practise in the working environment.
The different way of learning techniques that Australia University taught, language barrier that international students face; especially for those where English is not their first language, making international students having trouble dealing with learning shock due to the same situation is radically diverse from their own countries. Learning shock is a common issue where students need to undertake the process of changing their learning style to the current style. This includes referencing and plagiarism. Referencing can be difficult especially for international students in their first year studying abroad. They might find it hard to adapt the concept of being independent and self study in their first year. This is because of the Australia University strategy, where lecturers are more likely to give brief explanation to students rather than giving direct answers. Doing this encourages students to do more research and self study. Plagiarism is one of the most common learning shocks for students. Plagiarism may not be as strict for international students back in their home country as compared to the one in Australia. The rules that have been set by the Australian University may impact majority of the international students. It is not an easy thing to adapt in to a new environment and cope...

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