The "Baseball Salary Cap" And Why We Should Have One.

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Baseball Salary CapBaseball. America's most passionate sport and pastime. But is it really what it used to be? Time and time again, we've heard the rumors about the players going on strike. Would this be the end of baseball? Why would there even be a strike? With all the long debates, it all boils down to the money. Everyone wonders why there's not a salary cap on baseball, but the other big sports (football, basketball, etc.) do have one. Why is this? Why won't baseball put a salary cap on baseball to stop the franchise dynasties such as the Yankees or Red Sox? It's not fair to the "lower priced teams", that they can't receive the "big named" players because all these players want is the money and a championship, so they sign with the bigger teams.This debate has been going on for over 3 decades, the first strike being caused in 1972. Then in 1994, the players refused to accept such salary limits and stopped playing, causing the cancellation of the World Series for the first time in 90 years. With the most recent strike rumors happening mid-season of this year, the Player's Union (a union made by the player's against the team owners) brought up topics and ideas to get their demands with the team owner's. Among all the player's thoughts, the salary cap was at the top of their lists. If the owners couldn't get a salary cap, the owners wanted a tax on the financially better off teams that would give some of the money to the teams that are struggling. The owners also brought up a "luxury tax" on the higher paid teams which would slowly stop the rise of player's salaries. "The blue-ribbon panel commissioned by baseball recommended a 50 percent tax on all payrolls that exceed $84 million. If, for example, the New York Yankees had a payroll of $110 million, they would pay a tax of $13 million, which would be distributed to small-market teams. If 50 percent isn't enough, raise it to 75 percent or even 100 percent." ("Baseball Can't Bear Costs for Salary Cap")From the fan's perspective, of course we're going to want a salary cap, unless you're a New York fan! Estimates have attendance at baseball parks continuing to drop this year, and if the players strike, many fans say they may never come back. Even President Bush said, "The baseball owners and the baseball players must understand that if there is a stoppage, a work stoppage, a lot of fans are going to be furious, and I'm one of them" ("Baseball's Money Woe's"). Without the fans, there wouldn't be baseball. The player's wouldn't even have the chance to strike. The fans "make" the game and support the players and the teams, which no one seems to understand. With no fans, baseball makes no money, which money pays the players. Maybe the players need to come to an understanding about the people who "make" them and listen to what the fans want, a salary cap.Of course, this would never happen because...

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