The General Idea Of Marketing Essay

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The General Idea of Marketing

Marketing is the process in which a product is made ,promoted and
sold .Manufactures use the 4 p’s to target how they will make a
profit from there product

The 4 p’s are:

* Product

* promotion

* place

* price

The manufacturer has to make the decisions

For example:

* what the product is

* how will we advertise the product

* where are we going to sell the product

* how much will we sell it for

The 4 p’s are a vital part in which the product goes from the factory
to the stores. In my opinion promotion is the most important one of
the four because it is what attracts the buyer to the product and is
the factor that will draw a wider target audience to the product;
however no product will work without all four.

It is important that the advert has a strong image to imply or say
something about the product. The image has to be a strong
representation of the product to be affective and it has to make the
product look good. For example if you wanted to sell a pair of
football boots you would be looking for a professional footballer or
somebody linked to football to promote them. The advert wouldn’t be as
affective if Jonny Vegas was advertising them because there is no
clear connection between the product and gimmick.

Marketing can reposition a product by giving it a new look. An example
of this is the new healthy variety that Mc Donald’s now have. After a
documentary “super size me” was released in 2004 Mc Donald’s had
received many complaints causing a public outrage about the nation
fattening substances they had served in the past.Mc Donald’s now have
a range of healthy food such as :baguettes salads and fruit. This has
repositioned Mc Donald’s into the healthy eating market which will
attract a wider range of people to there restaurants.

Print adverts are useful because they are an easy and affective way to
advertise the product, using bold picture bold font and little copy.
Also it is a good way to target the appropriate...

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