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The Basketball Association Of America And The National Basketball League History

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The Basketball Association of America came from a league in North America, 1946; being one out of three professional basketball organizations. The Basketball Association of America (BAA) and another basketball organization, National Basketball League (NBL), formed together to become the National Basketball Association (NBA). Surprisingly, they came together after being big rivals, and fighting for three years over who gets the better players and the most fans to watch the action and most likely to see how much profit they can make from the basketball games. The teams wanted to bring together a more professional, established basketball league. On August 3, 1949, the National Basketball Association was officially formed.
As of today, there are six teams in the NBA that originated from the BAA. The NBA claims the BAA as its own basketball organization. The NBA games were first being held in ice hockey arenas because the owner wanted to give the arena more attraction while it was empty on nights ice hockey games weren’t being played. While the NBA, (originally the Basketball Association of America) was formed in 1946 by owner of ice hockey arenas, today the NBA is the most important professional basketball organization both in the United States and internationally. There are given reasons on how the media and technology changed the way we view sports, how the National Basketball Association became so popular in the United States and internationally, and why the NBA is the most succeed basketball association in today's society.
The media and technology have impacted a huge part on the way people view sports. Technology hasn’t only transformed the way of interacting with sports from the past ten to fifteen years. Not only has technology changed throughout the years, its lead more advanced people to come up with more ideas on the way the cameramen could capture moments of the NBA games. Motion capture technology is a huge reason to why we can watch NBA games on television. There is a technology camera, called SportVU. In a basketball stadium there are six cameras down on the court catching each player and the ball twenty-five times per second. “There are 48 minutes in one whole game which means a total of four-million data points per game” (Maney).
Media has impacted every sport. Any kind of media helps get the talk of sports around the world. Today we have advanced so much in technology, we now have all different types of ways we can hear about sports and the way it gets spread around the world. Two major media sources are the television and radio. These sources get mentioned all around the United States and even internationally to spread sports news fast. The NBA has basketball broadcasters, which are the ones that are mainly seen on television and heard on the radio. Also, young generations that are familiar with X-box, Wii, and Play Stations, there are video games that are made to play. On those video games is music that most NBA players...

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