The Battle Against Our Anatomy Essay

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Throughout the years women have fought for many things to make themselves equal to men, including one controversial topic. Athletic sports. There have been many battles, especially with the Olympics and allowing women to participate in male dominated sports. However, there were reasons for the hesitation. A woman’s bodies vs. a man’s body are very much different with different builds, especially with builds proving it difficult for some women. One event that took women a long time to finally compete at Olympics for was ski jumping due to the concerns about the injuries that only occur in women. Building specialized tracks and courses that would help prevent injuries in the sports.
One thing must be said, women and men will never ever be able to compete athletically equally. No matter how much people argue no matter how many laws are passed anatomy makes it impossible. Doing some research I had come across. Within the article found on the, Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center (The Harvard Medical School Teaching Hospital) website. Within this article they talk much about the differences of women and men. Lasalandra the article’s author interviews a Doctor by the name of Dr. Bridget Quinn, a primary sports medicine physician at the Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center who specializes in female athletes. “This is when girls begin puberty and hormonal differences exhibit themselves. Girls reach skeletal and physiological maturity earlier than boys. Beyond that, women have more body fat and less lean body mass due to increased estrogen while men have more androgens” (Lasalandra 1). However, this is only touching the surface of what I found amongst the article. “Women’s bodies are more lax or flexible than men’s, Quinn said. Women have wider pelvis than men and less developed musculature. These factors affect the alignment, strength and movement of women’s extremities” (Lasalandra 1).
Knee problems by using increased force on the knees, often forming in kneecap injuries such as patellofemoral syndrome. Where the patella is pulled towards the outside of the knee and does not track properly, ending up rubbing against the femur causing incredible pain that can affect form and function. This can also lead to other forms of injuries including patella dislocation or subluxation, where the kneecap is out of place from it’s out of its location. Also ACL -- Anterior Cruciate Ligament -- one of the four major ligaments of the knee are much more vulnerable to injury in a women’s body, “The rate of ACL injuries is three to six higher in women than men, especially in soccer and basketball” (Lasalandra 2). However, women can also hurt their ACL just by jumping, because when women land they land with their bodies more upright. Plus injury rates of the ACL maybe linked to hormones and the women’s menstrual cycle.
Women unlike men have weaker upper torsos and prone to shoulder injuries especially those that swim, play softball, or volleyball. The doctor mentions...

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