The Fight Against Privacy & The Future Of Surveillance

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You may wonder what those logo's have anything to do with privacy & Surveillance.
National Security Agency (N.S.A) is the leader in various aspects, Monitoring, Decoding, Surveillance, Protection, & Language Translation. The sole purpose of N.S.A existence is to protect the people that reside within the United States of America. Are they protecting us to much?

On June 1 of 2013, a contractor by the name of Edward Joseph Snowden also known as (TheTrueHOOHA), an employee of the N.S.A contracted under Booz Allen Hamilton. Met with two journalists that work for in Hong Kong, China to talk about classified files that would change & make history. Within these classified files, relied information that spoke about programs called PRISM, SHAMROCK, Main Core, X-Keyscore & various more. Edward Snowden has release these files to the public through journalistic websites such as theguardian, as he stated to inform the public as to that which is done in their name and that which is done against them. He is now consider Public Enemy number 1 also known as a traitor or a terrorist to the United States Government.

Thanks to the efforts of Mr.Snowden, we have uncovered various programs & the level of Surveillance the Government (N.S.A) has been doing on its very own people. The United States Government has been recording, all your phones calls, every email you have sent, Metadata, Text messages, Social media sites like Tumblr, Google, Facebook & many more. A fight against National Security & Information Privacy. Edward Snowden may possibly never be able to return to United States soil.
Because of Mr.Snowden releasing all these N.S.A Documents to the public, Companies such as Silent Circle, Unseen & Blackphone are now having light shine upon them. These companies have one purpose & one purpose only, Privacy. Using state of the art technology & cryptography they may provide their Users peace of mind on privacy. Knowing you, the User that you are secured & protected from any Government agency....

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