The Battle Against Your Happiness Essay

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For many people personal beauty and physique is becoming not an obsession or a fetish, but a reality, a career and even a motivational, mood and confidence stabilizer. Regardless of the personal mental, physical and social benefits of cosmetic surgery, we live in a world that has been manipulated by millions of different social and cultural beliefs, personal opinions and economic theories that continues to leave people and parts of the world with ambivalence toward physicians, surgeons and cosmetic medicine as a whole. As influential and adverse as this planet is; in which it carries 7 billion people, we learn, adapt and recognize different methods and actions in which can help and what ...view middle of the document...

The patient at first received the gastric bypass procedure by a plastic surgeon in which would usually specialize or have some kind of extensive training in laparoscopic surgery. The successful and life saving surgery in which the patient underwent at this time allowed for extension on life in the sense of eliminating the risk of death or illness due to complications brought upon by the excessive weight but at the same time a gastric bypass only benefits an individual in the sense of weight lose and not in proper bodily proportion and removal of extra skin. After weighing her options and understanding the additional potential life threating conditions that may arise from this issue, the patient was able to under go a bodily reconstructive procedure to remove the loose skin. The excessive and sagging skin from the weight lose after her gastric bypass was prone to possible life threating infection’s and could possibly result in the strangulation of the her intestines, systemic and pulmonary circulation. These types of medical procedures are becoming more common by surgeons and many doctors have begun recommending patients for these types of procedures, which are still categorized as cosmetic surgery.
The increasingly beneficial and innovative procedures/ surgeries that have been founded and labeled cosmetic, do not only save lives but make people want to live their lives that much more. This cosmetic procedure not only saved the patients life, but it brought her hope, positivity and as Stephanie Van stated in her article “She will be able to run around with her grandchildren and help them establish habits of activity that could last them a long, healthy lifetime. There are many directions in which a situation like this can go and unfortunately without the procedure that the patient had received post gastric bypass, to believe she would be living the blessed mental and physical life in which she is living today is likely to none. (Van 1)
Cosmetic surgery over the last 50 years has become one of the highest grossing, net and profiting medical specialties in the entire world. In the year 2012, surgeons in the field of cosmetic and plastic surgery performed over 14.6 million procedures in the united states says the American Society of plastic surgeons. The increasingly high profits and number of procedures done in the United States alone have many people wondering how this is possible and why. Rarely do we ever publicly hear on the news or read in an article the positivity and benefits, which come from Cosmetic surgery. The industry, like everything in the world has its benefits, complications, risks and advantages, but is always categorized as the black sheep of medicine. As individuals, the only way that we hear about these types of benefits are when we research the facts, know or meet a person who had a procedure done, or research a personal documented story from someone who has had cosmetic surgery. With the sky-rocketing numbers of cosmetic...

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