The Battle Between Good Versus Evil

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"We're all so busy chasing the extraordinary that we forget to stop and be grateful for the ordinary" (Brown 152). Novels are sources of magic, written with such delicacy and intricacy that they often leave the reader astounded by the power of words. The plot, concept, and language are so extraordinary that human eyes easily bypass the most ordinary objects of all in the story, ones that can only be read between the lines in order to reveal truly deep meanings. The connection to William Golding's prize-winning novel Lord of the Flies is undeniable. An island in the middle of the sea where several young boys strive for survival and create a society all on their own is remarkable. The novel tells the tale of a society run by children that divides into two sides, each side fighting to survive using unique tactics. Ralph, along with Piggy, Simon, and the littluns struggle to retain the civilized English background the boys come from. On the other hand, Jack and the boys who make up his choir take upon the responsibility of hunting eventually to gain power, which leaves them corrupt by the end. Golding exemplifies allegory in all three ways: religiously, morally, and politically. Three objects in the story that may seem ordinary represent the three aspects of allegory shown in Lord of the Flies, including the Lord of the Flies, Piggy's glasses for the fire, and the conch.
Notably, the Lord of the Flies is a character mentioned rarely by name throughout the novel, yet it portrays the battle between good and evil in a religious manner mainly through the eyes of Simon. It all begins when Jack becomes chief and slaughters a pig. He sharpens a stick at both ends, sticking one end of the stick into the ground. The other end is for the sow's head he cuts off and places on the stick, claiming, "This head is for the beast. It's a gift" (Golding 237). In mythology, people often give up offerings to the Gods. In this case, Jack is offering a portion of his hunt's kill to the beast, who he reveres as godlike because it is nonexistent even though many of the boys believe in it. Coincidentally, Lord of the Flies is synonymous with the term Beelzebub, a German word for the devil. Eventually, Simon comes across the head as it is rotting, hence Lord of the Flies. His occurrence with the head taunts him with the words, "You knew, didn't you? I'm part of you" (Golding 249)? Simon dashes to the tribe that is dancing with the disposition of killing another pig. The boys brutally kill Simon along with the hidden truth of the beast as well as the Christ-like goodness and spirit that helps keep a civil society. During the climax, Jack's power takes the best of him as his morally evil and corrupt nature murders Simon in the name of the beast in the light of mob mentality.
Moreover, morality is controversial between Jack and Ralph, all around the means of the fire caused by Piggy's glasses. Only Piggy wears glasses, and only he has the intelligence to start the fire using...

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