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The Fight For Daisy: Tom Vs. Gatsby

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Daisy Buchanan, this woman is crazy, uncaring, and many would argue cold hearted. She is married to Tom and yet, has an affair with Gatsby. Tom is her husband, a very well-off man that goes off and has affairs, and never attempts to hide the fact. Then there is Gatsby. Ah, Gatsby. The young man she was so in love with as a teenage girl. Tom and Gatsby have many similarities; from the fact that both Tom and Gatsby want Daisy all to themselves to the fact that they both love her. While they share many similarities they have far more numerable differences between them. The differences range from how they treat her to how rich they and what social class they are in, to the simple fact that Tom lives in “East Egg” and Gatsby in “West Egg.” Both the similarities and differences between these two men are what ultimately cause Daisy to believe that she is in love with Tom more than she is with Gatsby.
The first similarity is that Tom and Gatsby both want Daisy all to themselves; they do not want to share her with anyone. Tom has had Daisy all to himself for approximately five years since they were married, . While Tom will go off and have affairs with other women he expects Daisy to stay at home and see only him. Gatsby, on the other hand, wants Daisy to have an affair…with him. Gatsby expects Daisy to leave Tom and to marry him. At one point in the novel Gatsby says to Tom “‘…you are not taking care of her anymore.’ ‘I am not?’ Tom asked… ‘Why is that?’ ‘Daisy is leaving you’” (101). This similarity goes towards making think that she loves Tom more, simply for the fact that he does not make decisions for her.
This brings us to our second similarity, Tom and Gatsby both love Daisy, but they love her in different ways. Tom loves who she actually is. He may have many affairs, but he still loves her. During the novel Tom says: “I suppose the latest thing is to sit back and let Mr. Nobody from Nowhere make love to your wife” (99). In this quote Tom is saying that he still loves Daisy, despite his affairs, and that he will not stand by and be silent if his wife is sleeping around. So while Tom is in love with the real Daisy Gatsby loves the image of her that he has created over the past five years, since he last saw her. Gatsby is in love with, essentially, everything she is not. Gatsby shows the depth of his love for Daisy near the end of the novel when he takes the blame for hitting, and killing, Myrtle Wilson. Therefore, when Gatsby dies at the end on the story, it was his love for Daisy that killed him. Even though this is a poetically romantic thought, Daisy decide that she loves Tom more than Gatsby, simply for the fact that loving him and living with him is easy. She knows that he will have affairs, but that he will always come running right back to her.
The first difference between the two is how well, or in Tom’s case how horrible, these two men treat Daisy. Tom is physically abusive to his wife, at one point Daisy tells everyone that he has hurt...

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