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The Battle Of Bull Run Essay

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The very first manassa know as the Battle of Bull Run started July 21, 1861 in Fairfax
county and Prince William county Virginia. This battle was between the Confederates and the Unions.The Confederate leaders name was Irvin Mcdowell and the Union leader was Joseph E Johnston.The estimated total of casualties were around 4,878.


During the start of the war the union had around 28,450 soldiers and all 28,450 soldiers were poorly trained with the lack of shooting and experience. Out of the 28,450 soldiers there was 460 killed during the war, and 1,124 were wounded during the war, 1,312 were missing and captured for a ...view middle of the document...

The fighting started to rage out again throughout the day as the Confederate forces were getting pushed back further from Thomas Jacksons plans. Thomas wanted to keep and hold down the house of Henry Hill. By having the presentment Thomas Jackson held down the house of Henry Hill. He was then given the nickname of stonewall since he held the house of Henry Hill during the war. Later that day in the afternoon Confederate reinforcements including those arriving by many of the railroads from the Shenandoah valley extended the confederate sides line and succeeded by breaking up the unions plan, which was going to go around and to flank to the left side but then the confederates put a stop to it and made it where they can't get the confederate from behind. The battle of the climax in Virginia cavalry under colonel James Ewell brown Stuart arrived at the field and charged into a group of confused new yorkers sending them to the rear of the battle. The federal retreat rapidly deteriorated as narrow bridges were broken so they overturned wagons to get across either the ditch or maybe a little creak that they could not get across
with their cannons. During the middle of the war more different types of fire power were getting added like a cannon or more bigger powerful weapons and more better trained soldiers in the army and this happened with the Unions and the Confederates side. The calamitous retreat was further impeded by the fire added to the confusion. Mcdowell was very relieved by the command of the union troops and then he got replaced by George B. who recognized the troops that did a good job.



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