The Battle Of Gettysburg, Which Was A Turnign Point Of The Us Civil War.

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The Battle of Gettysburg"The Turning Point of the Civil War"Goerge Meade General Robert E. LeeIn 1863, the small town of Gettysburg Pennsylvania was awoken to the beginning of what was to be the turning point of the Civil War for the Union. It began as a small skirmish, but by its end it involved 160,000 Americans to which would become one of the bloodiest battles ever taken place on US soil. I chose this topic because the Civil War and its battles had a great influence on society not only in the past, but also in the present day. The Battle of Gettysburg was not only a turning point in the war, but was also the turning point for slaves in the US to be free.From July 1st to July 3rd, 1863 the most famous and most important Civil War Battle took place in the small town of Gettysburg Pennsylvania. The Confederates under Robert E. Lee advanced on the Union in hopes of taking either the major city of Philadelphia, Baltimore, or even Washington D.C. Union commander General George Meade was sent to make sure none of this would happen.On the first day, July 1st , the shooting started when a Confederate brigade, searching for badly needed shoes, ran into the Union cavalry near Gettysburg on the (The Battle of Gettysburg: World Book). After fierce fighting and heavy casualties on both sides, the Union were pushed through town, and regrouped on the south side of town along the high ground near the cemetery. Once there the Union formed a strong defensive position that resembled that of a fishhook. After reinforcements had arrived the Union position was three miles long. Meanwhile the Confederate troops occupied Gettysburg and Seminary Ridge to the west. Lee did not dig his army in a defensive position at all. He believed that his own army was invincible, even though they were without out their calvary, which was off somewhere harassing other Union soldiers.On the second day, July 2nd, General Lee gave orders for his men to attack in the morning. But, General Longstreet was quite slow in getting his troops into position, so the attack didn't take place until the afternoon. While Longstreet took so much time to assemble his troops, the Union soldiers kept digging and fortifying their position. When Longstreet attacked, some of the bitterest fighting of the Civil War erupted at places known as Little Round Top, Devil's Den, the Wheat Field, and the Peach Orchard. Longstreet accomplished in taking the Peach Orchard but was driven back at Little Round Top. Into the evening hours the Confederates attacked again, but this time it was from the north and east of Cemetery Hill. This attacked lasted into darkness but was finally unsuccessful, even thought the Confederates took over some trenches on Culp's Hill. After the battle, both sides regrouped and counted their casualties, while the moaning and sobbing of thousands of wounded men on the slopes and the meadows could be heard throughout the night under a full moon. Both sides gathered to plan their strategies for...

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Michaels Shaara's book "The Killer Angels" Describes in detail the battle of Gettysburg during the Civil War.

938 words - 4 pages Confederates come within range, the Union opens fire with their guns, killing many more. The Confederates soon retreat, and the Battle of Gettysburg comes to a bloody end leaving the Confederate army with a huge loss.The Killer Angels gives great insight into the lives of those involved in the civil war. It describes one of the bloodiest battles that took place and gives a detailed look at the brutality of war. It also gives insight into the thoughts and feelings of the army commanders involved in the Civil War. The story shows that a simple error in warfare can result in complete devastation.

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939 words - 4 pages loss that the south suffered would eventually cost them the war. Had Jackson not been killed, he certainly would have been at Getttysburg to face the Union. If Jackson was at Gettysburg, he may have prevented the southern loss, which eventually lost them the war. With the death of Jackson, the Union had a moral victory that is comprable to a basketball team preping for a game, knowing that the opposing 6'10 center is injured for the season. In other

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1749 words - 7 pages union. The eleven state Confederacy had a population of 9 million, including nearly 4 million slaves.Upon the attack on Fort Sumpter, and the declaration on war, Robert E. Lee, son of a Revolutionary War hero, and a 25 year distinguished veteran of the United States Army and former Superintendent of West Point, was offered command of the Union Army. He declined the offer. He was clearly a southern sympathiser, and eventually resigned his position

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1901 words - 8 pages Gettysburg: The Turning Point of the War On July 1, 1863, the Union Army of the Potomac engaged the Confederate Army of Northern Virginia which had advance into the north. This would be the battle of all battles; it would be the bloodiest battle of the Civil War. Three days of warfare resulted in a Union victory at the cost was 51,000 American casualties. The Southern reason for rebellion was to break away from the Union and become a

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1279 words - 5 pages The Battle of Gettysburg The Battle of Gettysburg, fought from July 1 through July 3, 1863, marked a turning point in the Civil War. This is the most famous and important Civil War Battle that occurred, around the small market town of Gettysburg, Pennsylvania. Most importantly Gettysburg was the clash between the two major American Cultures of there time: the North and the South. The causes of the Civil War and the Battle of

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2482 words - 10 pages The Battle of Gettysburg The Civil War, much like a roller coaster, had several ups and downs that changed the course of events. However, one dramatic turning point in the war stands out above all others, The Battle of Gettysburg. From the beginning, the Union was destined to become victorious through superior military tactics and a more industrialization. However, several things must first happen to lead up to this dramatic battle

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1907 words - 8 pages Civil War was fought near a small town in Pennsylvania. Over 50,000 lives were lost on battle grounds like Round Top, Little Round Top, the Peach Orchard, and the Devil's Den. Cannons volleyed shots from Cemetery Ridge to Seminary Ridge and back to Cemetery Ridge. It would be here, near this little Pennsylvania town, which the turning point war and was a great defeat for the Confederates in one of the most decisive battles of the Civil War. This

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