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The Battle Of The Sexes: Billy Riggs V. Bobby King

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Alexander Lui
Professor Linantud
POLS 4399
Issue Brief Topic: Billy Riggs v. Bobby King

On September 20, 1973 Billie Jean King went against Bobby Riggs in an event known to most people as the “Battle of the Sexes” Riggs was known to be very cocky and called King out by saying “ “the best way to handle women is to keep them pregnant and barefoot.” To many peoples surprise King beat Billie in this tennis match with a score of 6-4, 6-3, and 6, 3 with thousands of fans watching the game at the Astrodome. In the opinions of many people, this game has become a gateway for women’s sports.
Even after the commotion with Bobby Riggs having to swallow his own words, him and Billy King ...view middle of the document...

The time period that Bobby Riggs and Billie King lived in had a more conservative view against women. There were views that they were inferior to men and before losing the match to Billie King, Bobby had a manly egoist viewpoint on women.
As far as Federal legislation goes, Title IX was introduced by Birch Bayh in 1972 and enacted the same year. It essentially states that nobody will be excluded from sports regardless of sex. Obviously Billie King was greatly affected by this because she felt that women were being treated unfairly in sports. She has won 20 awards at “Wimbledon” and also the first women to cap over 100K in a year by playing sports. Before she complained that she was being paid less than her male sports counterpart, but since she threatened to not play the next game her prize money became the same as a male sports player.
Today women sports is significantly more “Equal” than it was back in the mid-late 1900’s. You see women participate in more sports than ever, and you also see them participate in the Olympics. Women sports may not be as big as men’s...

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