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The Battle Over Affirmitive Action In The College World

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For many the subject of affirmative action is worth protesting over, however, there are a few who would love to see the existence of affirmitive action abolished. Affirmative action has always been a long debated topic with two different communites arguing very different view points. Although affirmitive action can cause friction among many different opionated people, on the other hand, the results of the practice has ensured the college educations for many of minorities in America. Should this practice be allowed during the college admissions process is the question that remains to be debated. The right to attend college is considered to be a privilege for students who are able to enroll within a university of their choice. Those who oppose affirmitive action argue a student's own personal qualifications should be the only determining factor taken into consideration when applying for college. Unfortunately, for some people the financial burden of college prevents them from attending, making the agruement for affirmative action more evident. With evidence supporting both sides of the debate the topic has caused people of all races to voice their own opinions on the subject.
Both sides provide valuable evidence in support of their stance and examples of the harm and or good it presents. The side in favor of affirmitive action feel that without the pracetice of affirmitive action college enrollment for minority Americans would suffer a great decline. They argue that ceasing affirmitive action will only cause more uneducated people to abide within society along side those with higher educations. Which in return can become a threat when a person does not feel adequately compatible to their fellow American. The African-American community as well as the Hispanic race appear to be the groups who benefit the most when it comes to affirmative action. The opposing side says this form of interaction is not fair to the Caucasian and Asian-American communities either. Records show that additional education improves a students health, marriage, parenting, trust, social interaction as well as reduce crime rate (Owen, Sawhill 2). After examining the statistical evidence would it then be worth it to cut off the only resource to a higher education for many and intentionally harm the college community?
The side in support of affirmative action claim this is a rewarding investment for the future which will result in more well rounded individuals giving back to the country that educated them. The government claims it supports bills for higher education but never admitting to willingly supporting the use of affirmative action. The community of people who reject affirmative action say students who are discriminated against are left with no other options but to sue the universities who have violated their rights. In fall 2013, a record 21.8 million students were expected to attend American colleges and universities, demonstrating an increase of 6.5 million more than...

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