The Battle Over School Prayer Essay

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Directed Writing Assignment: The Battle over School Prayer
Question one
The government of United States had been exposed to extensive communism that had been considered an element of exclusive concern. Through the element massive changes had been experienced in the nation. The government had used its extensive powers to influence how activities flow in the country. The case was revolving around a prayer that had been defined as the overall prayer that all the public schools were supposed recite. The prayer dictated, “Almighty God, we acknowledge our dependence upon Thee, and we beg Thy blessings upon us, our parents, our teachers, and our Country.” It was believed that this prayer was meant to develop students to the kind of people they need to be in future. This was meant for proper preparation of citizens to future duties as citizens.
The case was connected to Engel and Vitale, who were the main definitions of the case. The Engel were parents to some of the students who were against the move by the government to introduce a common prayer to be recited by all students in all public schools. The parents believed that there was a requirement for the government to keep off the business of prescribing any kind of religious practices to the public. The prayer had been perceived to overlook various social provisions of the constitution (Dierenfield 53).

The community was in a controversial position concerning the issue of Regents’ prayer. People had been aware of the previous allegations of the constitution regarding personal beliefs. There were beliefs that some rights had been violated by the Regents. The provision by the government was clear violation of the freedom rights that had been given to students. It was not in order for the government to set specific time for prayer during school day. There were extensive concerns on whether the prayer represented an unconstitutional action. This was based on the concern whether it had effect on establishment of a religious code through a public agency. The community was extensively concerned of the issues that would have followed if the government continued to impose rules and conditions that have already been dictated by the constitution. The community is made of different groups of people who may have different religious views. Therefore, commanding people to pray in a similar manner is against the principals of other people and this has been the main element that the New York community has been thinking of as sensitive (Dierenfield 42).
In definition of the take of the community, Hugo also explained that it was extremely dangerous for the government to execute massive pressure on religious practices of its citizens. The government would do that through use of exclusive financial support and campaign. This would be proper way to execute massive pressure on minority beliefs. Hugo quoted the constitution to have been protective to individuals as it takes religion as a personal element and it needed...

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