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Healthcare has always been a priority in American culture, although a new wave of reform has caused uproar in discontent and opposition. Since the Great Depression, many Americans have relied on private sector insurance companies to protect families across the nation and provide fast, reliable services when a medical situation arises. The Affordable Care Act, passed in 2010, has caused uproar in Washington and continues to provide a headache as the stalemate over healthcare continues on into 2014. While healthcare is an important aspect of the American society, the Affordable Care Act and its provisions are detrimental to our economy because it furthers the nation’s debt and does not allow the American people to make their own decisions.
Government mandates have been placed upon the American people throughout history, especially with the recent requirements for purchasing health care. Several Americans believe that the deadline for health insurance is key to ensuring all Americans have purchased care through federal exchanges by March 31, 2014. Throughout history, government made choices for people and set guidelines through this believed mandate of the people. In a recent publication from PRNewswire, it was stated that more than half of Americans do not know the deadline for healthcare purchase. Furthermore, 33% of Americans dislike Obama care even more than they had in 2013 (“More than). It seems increasingly popular for Americans to be unaware and uneducated on the deadline. Likewise, the high disapproval rates show that Americans do not take a liking for having “Big Brother” watching over them. A recent Supreme Court ruling also upheld the federal government’s plan to fine those who do not meet this deadline. Republicans in Congress were also quick to tag this provision as unconstitutional and even detrimental to the American people (Kronenfeld). If the plan of the ‘Affordable’ Care Act was to save people money, why should government force those who weren’t able to get coverage a fine? It seems unjust that people who were not properly informed of the deadlines and provisions should be slammed by hidden fines if they cannot purchase the healthcare. The mandate to purchase healthcare with the subsequent fines are not the most paramount issue at hand, government came down even harder on insurance companies by requiring further regulation and costs.
With the Affordable Care Act in effect, insurance companies will struggle to keep up with the new clientele and increased regulation, furthering damage to economic integrity. Many proponents of the ACA are against big business and corporate monopolies. They also believe it is the role of government to ensure consumer protection on the federal exchanges for health insurance. They also believe that those with pre-existing conditions should not be denied coverage. "The American people have found out what is in Obamacare: broken promises in the form of increased healthcare costs, costly mandates and...

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