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The Battle Over The English Throne

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The Battle of Hastings was to shape the future of Medieval England
(Learning). The battle, both directly and indirectly, ushered in changes in English law, language, culture, and laid the groundwork for the beginnings of the English feudal system (WebChron). The Battle of Hastings was the battle that changed history (WebChron).
The Battle of Hastings began on October 14, 1066 (History). The battle took place in Hastings, England on Senlac Hill, later to be renamed Battle (Learning). The land was heath land with woodland beyond (Learning). Led by King Harold of England and William, Duke of Normandy, the battle lasted one whole day (History). The cause of the battle was dispute over the ...view middle of the document...

Harold's plan was a success until a Norman cavalry man on horseback levered his way through the wall and plunged an arrow through King Harold's eye, killing him (Ibeji). King Harold's body was trampled to the ground and dragged away (Ibeji). The collapse of the English defense may have been as a direct result of Harold himself being killed, for medieval armies so often lost once their leader was dead (Battlefields). After their organized formation was broken, they were vulnerable (Battlefields). Despite a possible attempt to hold the Norman pursuit at a site, the English forces were fleeing northward towards the woods (Battlefields). Over 100,000 estimated total deaths resulted from The Battle of Hastings (WebChron). The Normans won the battle with the possible outcome of Duke William becoming the King of England (Battlefields).
On Christmas Day 1066, William was crowned the first Norman King of England. He was crowned in the same exact spot King Edward was crowned at deliberately stressing the continuity between himself and Edward (Ibeji). As Duke William of Normandy became King William of England, he marched down south- east of England (Ibeji). The hardest part for the people of England, and having a new king was the stripping of rights and privileges (WebChron). The people also were poorly coordinated and easily stamped out (WebChron). King William ruled for 21 years after the victory of the battle (WebChron). During the time when William ruled, Battle Abbey was a monument built in recognition...

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