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The Fight To Gain A Great Society In Poverty

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America is on an insatiable search for Lyndon Johnson?s Great society. Even though America is thought to be one of the most thriving nations, financial hindrances keep America from being the Great Society. As some people soar to reach their American dream they are crushed many times by a person who owns more possessions but still reaching for that same dream. Therefore, one mans search for his American dream does counteract another mans search for that same dream. Although America is a nation of much wealth it is not Johnson?s Great Society because of the endless poverty that causes men to pursue wealth which is not compatible with the pursuit of happiness.In Johnson?s ?The Great Society? speech he states that. ?The Great Society rests on abundance and liberty for all.? In America today poverty is visible everywhere; It is in our schools, in our churches, and in some of our homes. Poverty is not always an issue brought on by the people it effects. The hurricane Katrina victims were forced into poverty after loosing everything to a natural disaster. Without FEMA the children affected would not have food in their mouths nor clothes on their backs. How can we hope to have a great society when there are still beggars on the streets and girls selling their bodies on the corner? Johnson calls for abundance for all yet, many people have little and some people have nothing. Johnson?s speech asks for liberty yet people are still being discriminated against because of their race, sex, and sexual preference. Our society needs and awakening that will cause us to have moral and financial reconciliation so that we might realize our dreams as?The Great Society.? Johnson states that ?The Great Society is a place where every child can find knowledge to enrich his mind and to enlarge his talents.? In America children are placed in schools that are no where equivalent to other schools in the suburbs or in other places. Schools that are mainly ethnic are usually given less funds and they have worse teachers and a worse learning environment. Here in Tuscaloosa, recently, two new schools were built to break up Central High School which is a predominantly African American school.The lines were drawn so that the new schools would be predominately Caucasian and leave most of the African American students in a run down old building that was literally falling apart. As it turns out Bryant High turned out to be another predominately African American school thus hindering the plan to keep the ethnic students confined to one school. Also, the students from Central marched to the County Courthouse and demanded a new school building which is now almost finished. The other school, Northridge, the other school also has a nice ratio from African Americans to Caucasians. In a plan to inhibit the plight of African American students the County board tried to keep them grounded instead of letting them soar and recognize their full potential. This is only another way that Johnson?s...

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