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Punishments Inflicted On Women In Afghanistan

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“Every day I was abused by my husband and his family. Mentally and physically; Then one day it became unbearable, so I ran away." In 2010 a young Afghan woman had her nose and ears cut off. Aesha Mohammadzai first appeared on the cover of time magazine in 2010 and shared her story on how her husband and in-laws cut off her nose and ears as punishment for trying to run away. Three years later Mohammadzai began her reconstructive surgery and life with her new foster family and is studying English in school. Aesha Mohammadzai tells women who are being abused to stay strong and never lose hope (Phillip Caulfield.2013). This is just one of the many common punishments Afghan women receive. Mohammadzai is proof that still in today’s society women in Afghanistan are still suffering with extreme punishments. Throughout the years, women have been forced to live in fear because of the way they have been treated. The consequences of punishments are not balanced with the actions that are performed, and women fight to hold their own. Afghan women have struggled with extreme, cruel and violent punishments. Women’s punishments are the result of the loss of their basic human rights.
Before Taliban rule, women’s punishments were under the control of Afghan men and were considered reasonable. Afghanistan is divided by a strong division of gender roles. Gender division can be clearly seen by the way Afghan women are treated versus Afghan men. Women in Afghanistan have been under minded since before the Taliban dictatorship (Campaign for Afghan Women and Children.2014). As the Taliban slowly rose to power, women’s roles in the home and work place quickly began to change. The more rules that were added to control the Afghan women, the worse their life became. With no other choice, Afghan women took the punishments as they were given; however, many women chose to stand up for themselves and other Afghan women.(Life as an Afghan Woman.2013) In multiple incidents, this resulted in death and the women were made examples of to show women what would happen if they did the same. As time progressed, the punishments began to get worse. Punishments started as just beatings and rapes, over time they became more severe and extreme. After the Taliban took control, they added more extreme punishments that not only ruined women physically but mentally as well (Violence against Women.2013). Men saw and still see today women as something to take for granted, men feel as though they do not need women; but women are important in today’s society.
Once the Taliban took control of Afghanistan, women’s rights vanished. Their work, education, visibility, voice, health care and mobility are a few of the basic rights Afghan women no longer possessed. The Taliban took control of Afghanistan from 1996-2001. During that era, women were treated worse than any other leadership in Afghanistan (Life as an Afghan Women. 2013). One of the first basic rights Afghan women loss when the Taliban took...

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