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The Bcs National Championship Game Essay

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From the first two national champions, Rutgers and Princeton, to last year’s debateable Auburn national championship winning team, college football has always had difficulties deciding national champions. The BCS National Championship game was thought to give a less prejudice opinion on which teams play in the championship game than humans did. However, it has stimulated more controversy in college sports than Cal-Stanford “The Play.” The problem with the BCS teams is, it chooses two teams that are based on profit, popularity, and record. The BCS is in need of replacement by a playoff system because with a playoff system college football teams have more of an opportunity to show themselves.
A playoff system would be beneficial to college football because the revenue of each conference would be fairly divided among the eleven FBS conferences. The total revenue for the BCS conferences in 2010-2011 was over $145.2 million one of the largest amounts received in the BCS history. In that same season the Non-AQ conferences had a total revenue of $24.72 million, and the main reason they got this record amount was due to the fact that Texas Christian University played in the Rose Bowl Game against Wisconsin. In a playoff system each conference would have a standing in the playoff format and in this situation would receive an equivalent amount of revenue. In the newest playoff proposal, the total gross revenue would be over $376 million a year, distributed among the eleven conferences, the average that each conference would receive over $34.18 million.
The humanoid version of the BCS polls is one of the reasons for most of the hullabaloo. In 2008 the University of Utah had a 13-0 record, the only unbeaten team in the Football Bowl Subdivision. However, Utah did not have the chance to play for the national championship because they came from a ‘weak’ conference and did not play any of the ‘high’ caliber teams that Oklahoma or Florida played that year. Both of those teams finished with one loss on the season and finished first and fourth in the BCS polls, Utah finished sixth. One third of the standings are also based on coach’s polls this means that one third of the standings are based off of bias people who don’t watch every game each week, thus, making them incapable of deciding who should be ranked and who shouldn’t. A playoff system would eradicate such controversy by allowing teams such as Utah to play in a playoff.
"Surely, the NCAA and Division I-A football can join the other 23 intercollegiate sports and...

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