The Beach: A New Day Essay

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A new day has begun. Slowly ascending into the cold dark sky, the sun
glows vibrantly with delight. The passionate colours fill the sky with
warmth like the pink grapefruits, zesty lemons, citrus oranges and
cherry red. The sea so subtle sparkles preciously as it strolls up
against the shore. The crystal water that stretch out far into the
horizon gets darker and deeper but stays very calm. Walking on a land
of gold, the sand being so soft and smooth, glistens as it reflects
the suns rays with joy. Cool, light and refreshing, the breeze gently
eases up against my skin and glides through my hair, sending a gentle
shiver up my spine. The rustling of leaves, small array of birds and
delicate splashes of the sea are amazingly soothing and relaxing.

The whole beach itself looks like a painted picture with a spectrum of
colours all merged with one another. The sea also showing off a wide
range of colours that reflects of the surface, like a dancing peacock
showing off its finely detailed feathers. The sun has now reached its
destination, high in the sky. Beams of glowing hot rays gleam down
towards the delicate succulent sand. The mixture of colours in the sky
has faded away, just revealing a clear crystal blue sky with white
fluffy clouds slowly passing by.

The deserted beach was calling out to seduce the people with its
striking beauty. The sea had now changed from a range of colours to a
simple ice clear blue which lightly sparkles and foams as it gushed up
the seashore. The perfect painted picture was about to be ruined,
people were hypnotised as if they were put under a spell, more and
more people were arriving bringing their huge amounts of noise; engine
roars, chatter, loud laughter, squeals of young children and blasts of
loud music...

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