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The Beatles' "Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band": A Milestone In Rock N' Roll History

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The Beatles never meant to change the world, but you'll never know when a zeitgeist will hit. If the Beatles were nonexistent, there would be no pop music. There would be no reason to grow out your hair. There wouldn't even be a reason to play guitar and form a band. Very few musicians in the 20th century have altered the thinking, culture, and the course of history itself. However, there has been no preponderant group in history other than the Beatles. The Beatles consisted of four members. The founding member was John Lennon. He was superb songwriter, excellent rhythm guitarist, and a terrific singer. Next was Paul McCartney, a virtuoso musician. After him was George Harrison A.K.A. "The Quiet Beatle." He played lead guitar and was a backup vocalist. Finally we come to Ringo Starr, the incongruous drummer. They all had personalities that everyone can relate to. They were four parts that made up the "Beatle." They had changed the perspective of rock n' roll and pop music forever. They changed everything. Even the word "beatlesque" has been in the dictionary for a while now. Dave Grohl, the former drummer of Nirvana, once said, "When it comes down to pop, there's only one word - the "B" word. The Beatles. We might as well just play Beatles covers for the rest of our careers. They started it, they did it best, they ended it."However, in the midst of all their eminence and amplitude, the Beatles decided to take a break. They had recently spent countless hours on producing songs for their upcoming album. This is quite eccentric given the fact that the Beatles took very little time to create and produce their songs. They were determined to go in separate ways for a while. Since there hasn't been a Beatles record out on sale for a long time, the media immediately assumed that they were going to break up. This was obviously not true. The Beatles just wanted to take time off so they can spend time with their families and engage in personal and artistic pursuits. This "artistic" pursuit pushed the Beatles to have a psychedelic mindset. The group unified and went back to the studio. The group started to use orchestral arrangements and Mellotron (a tape-based analog replay keyboard). They used these instruments without abandoning their grasp of pop melody and puissant songwriting. All of this musical fusion led them to create their marvelous classic, Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band. This album defined the music of the 1960's and popular culture. The album surpassed music itself and fused rock n roll as an actual art form. "Sgt. Pepper's" is the greatest and most influential album of all-time. The composers of this album are the greatest, most talented, most important, and most popular rock n' roll band in history, The Beatles.The making of the great Sgt. Peppers was a drastic process. It isn't easy to make the greatest album of all-time. One major factor that contributed to the grad success of this album was the psychedelic inclination that each...

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