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The Beatles: Taking America By Storm

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The Beatles took America by storm. When the band arrived in America, they gained unexpected fame and an incredible fan base. The popularity of the band was unexpectedly rapid. As the first British musical artists to become successful in America, they reversed the musical tide of influence. The Beatles also influenced fashion with their unique style. Though their songs began as the usual popular music of the time period, they later began to experiment and change rock music forever. Their talent in musical innovation especially set them apart from other artists of the era. As The Beatles’ later music became more and more provocative, parents began to worry about the influence the band would have on younger generations. The anti-rock movement only increased after a member of the band, John Lennon, made a controversial religious statement. Society’s revolutionary social thinking was not only affected by The Beatles, however. Events during the 1960’s often sparked opposition, such as the Vietnam War, which helped inspire their music. The Beatles had a profound effect on American music, fashion, and social aspects in the 1960s and 1970s.
Upon their arrival in America, The Beatles attracted hoards of fans and unprecedented fame. Beginning with the number one hit I Want to Hold Your Hand, the band began to experience an incredible surge of popularity in the United States (Philo 2). “The group’s appearance on The Ed Sullivan Show . . . drew a record-breaking TV audience of more than 73 million, or 60 percent of all US viewers” (2). After their incredibly successful television debut, their popularity only grew. The Ed Sullivan Show, which had booked the Beatles for two weekends in a row, was once again overwhelmed with ticket requests for seats in the small theatre (Kallen 33). Within months, The Beatles were dominating the music charts, constantly producing more hit songs.
The Beatles’ popularity was unexpected and rapid. They took America by surprise with the incredibly popular rise of “Beatlemania” (Philo 3). Never since Elvis Presley had America seen such stardom in the music industry (Price 210). With their catchy lyrics and charm, The Beatles won the hearts of many fans. The screaming, cheering, and shrieking from the audience all but completely drowned out the Beatles songs in concert (Philo 2). After their incredibly rise in popularity, The Beatles sold millions of dollars’ worth of merchandise (3). This unprecedented surge of popularity quickly propelled The Beatles to success.
The Beatles were the first British musical artists to become successful in America. The Beatles reversed the tide of musical influence (Philo 3). Instead of American bands influencing the British, the British bands were influencing the Americans (3). Their success opened up new opportunities in America for other British musicians. The craze over the band upon their arrival in America began a sudden sharing of culture between the United States and...

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