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The Beatles: This Is About Their Life,Band,Songs,And Where They Went After That.

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THE BEATLESOne member of the Beatles were John Lennon. John was born on October 9, 1940. John was living in a poor household with his mother and father. When he turned 4, John's father moved away and he soon forgot about him. Later, his mother was having troubles in her life and couldn't have John around so he moved in with his Aunt Mimi and five other women realitives. He was raised in a family of women and had a difficult life. John was raised in Penny Lane with his mother and father which takes John to his song "Penny Lane" which describes his life in the town and how it was. John moved with Mimi to Wolton, England. There, he met Paul, George, and Ringo. Those three lived in council homes and John was a little higher class. Ringo was a city kid compared to the others. John considered himself a "fruit" to other kids. He was a kid who always dreamed about flying. He would dream he would fly around in the sky through clouds and over mountains. This could have been one reason why he made such psychedelic songs that would make you feel light-headed and flying, or open-minded. John was a kid who loved to stay at home and write poetry and write music. He was known as the lead kid. He would go with his friends and steal apples, ride on the bumpers on big tram cars and get in all sorts of trouble but never got caught. Later, he turned into stealing candy and then went into selling cigarettes on the streets.When John turned fifteen, he created a band with quite a few people called the Quarry Men. They played in streets and bars for free and didn't care about the money. Later that name was to change to the Beatles.Another member was Paul McCartney who was born in Walton on June 18, 1942. The other member was George Harrison who was born in Liverpool in February 1943. The last member of the Beatles was Ringo Starr, who's real name was Richard Starky, was born on July 7, 1940.Now that I have covered all the members of the Beatles, I will tell you there major parts and contributions to the band. John Lennon was the lead singer for most of the songs and he played chorus for the other Beatles on some songs. John played second guitar, he wasn't the lead guitarist of the band but he wrote mostly all of the songs and was the real brains behind the band. Paul McCartney sang a lot of the lead parts for songs, but not as much as Lennon. He wrote a lot of the music too. He was the lead chorus singer because he would play all the unusual parts in the songs. He played the bass guitar left handed. George Harrison was the lead guitarist in the band and sang mostly chorus. He sang lead on a few songs and wrote a few of the songs. RIngo Starr was the drummer for the band and was one of the best in the world because he could keep such a steady beat. He wrote very little songs in the band and wrote even less. He was another good chorus singer.Now that you know a little about the parts of the Beatles, let me tell you about their personality. John Lennon was into acid or LSD....

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