The Wonderful Bedroom Essay

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The Wonderful Bedroom

Have you ever wondered how something so simple as your bedroom could have so much meaning? How a place where one usually just sleeps and doesn't return until the next night, could be so special to someone? It does make one think, once stopped and thought about. To some, it means as much as a gym does to a basketball player or as much as a tree does to a monkey. But then there are also those who still think of their bedroom as just a place to sleep and prepare themselves. I guess things have different meanings for each person, but for many including myself, their bedroom ranks near the top of the list. A bedroom is meaningful because often it is where one grows up, where lots of time is spent, and where one can bring out there inner-most self.

A bedroom is not something that changes from day to day, but rather something that is pretty permanent. Many people grow up in the same room that they spend the first part of their life in. It is something that people grow attached to and become accustomed to, like a college student becomes accustomed to studying. For this factor, change is not so much a good thing but rather a thing of frustration. It is nice to have a place to call home, and better yet, a place to call one's own bedroom. Once one is settled, it is usually of best nature to stay settled. Through this settlement, it is easiest to see how much of importance one's bedroom may mean to them. My bedroom has meant a lot to me due to the fact that I have been in the same place for the majority of my years.

Another important reason on this subject is that there is usually a lot of time spent in one's own room Besides the ten hours of sleep everyone gets a night in their room, there is often a great deal of time spent there throughout the day. You must never forget about the six hours (at least) of homework per night that must be done. And what could possibly be a more relaxing place than your own room? It's amazing how one can concentrate so well in their room, unlike a college student who may have trouble trying to focus through all of the distractions.

Not only is the bedroom a perfect place to sleep and study, but what if you just want to get away and relax? In your room, you get to control things for yourself, such as the temperature. It's not like outside where you can't do anything about the weather, but rather, you choose how cool or warm you want it. You get to make your bed as comfortable as you wish. This is your space, it's not fit for anybody else's needs but your own. Ever try and watch what you want on TV while there are four other members of your family fighting to grab control of the same thing? Well, I have the perfect solution. Move the TV in your own room and lock the door. It's wonders how many more opportunities you have when you have your own room. I've always had my own room and pretty much take it for granted. I always have the option of taking a nap in peace and quiet since I have...

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