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The Beauty Myth: How Images Of Beauty Are Used Against Women By Naomi Wolf

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Define a beautiful woman. What kinds of adjectives come to mind? Do her inner qualities make her beautiful as well? What does "beauty is only skin deep" really mean? I always thought what made a person truly and genuinely beautiful, is whats on the inside. So often, we judge women on their appearance first, then their abilities. Did you ever wonder how this came about and why we all do this today? dont try to deny it, were all shallow and addicted to entertainment, its simply our culture, our way of life. Naomi wolf tries to explain the reasoning and ideas behind the beauty myth. She defines it and all its aspects, leaving it up to the reader to judge how to take it in and what to make of her points. She backs up all her claims with evidence and well researched claims, making her message hard to deny. This message isnt only imperative to women, but to men as well, because women arent the only ones being manipulated by the media into feeling insecure and unhappy with themselves. There are 6 major sectins in the beauty myth, work, culture, religion, sex, hunger and violence. Wolf points out many valid points, such as marketing tactics, cosmetic surgery, stereotypes of women as sex objects and men as success objects. She states that beauty is something someone else has. It a forever unattainable goal in which many people strive most of their lives to achieve.

Women in the workplace. Let me just start off this topic by saying, ive been denied at least 2 jobs because i am a girl. I could relate to this chapter, undoubtedly. If women are too pretty they are not taken seriously. If women arent pretty enough, they can legally be fired for their percieved "homeliness." Then again, if theyre too pretty, its their own fault when theyre sexually harassed. If theyre not pretty enough, people doubt men wouldhave actually harassed them. In 1986, a woman lost a sexual harassment case because she dressed "too beautifully." In another situation, a woman was denied a partnership in a top 10 accounting firm "because she needed to learn to walk, talk and dress more femininely." In another case, the judge ruled that the woman rightfully lost her job because it was "innapropriate for a supervisor of women to dress like a woman." So on the basis of these claims, it is legal for a woman to get fired or hired on her appearance. Another example of women in the workplace, which effected many women, was both world wars. Women were forced to leave their homes and join the workforce. In doing so, many women lost interest in womens magazines and left their feminine mentalities behind. Many of the working women liked working, but of course, when the war was over, they were manipulated into going back into their homes and going back to the role of the "happy housewife", lured in of course, by advertisements for household and beauty products. If that isnt showing submissive behavior, i dont know what is.

The culture section focuses on the...

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