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The Beauty Of Adam And Eve

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In a world bombarded with technology and constant distractions, society often forgets the importance and beauty of art. A branch of art, literature, lends a tremendous impact upon society. Marjorie Pickthall constructs an elegant poem, Adam and Eve, while reinterpreting the well-known Biblical story, Adam and Eve. Similar to Pickthall, a renaissance artist, Masaccio, however, interprets the Biblical story of Adam and Eve with a different interpretation. In his painting, the expulsion of Eden, he focuses on Adam and Eve’s reaction while leaving the Garden of Eden. Although Pickthal and Masaccio have different prescripts of the story of Adam and Eve, both adopt the same plot. While arriving ...view middle of the document...

Above Adam and Eve, who are expressing extreme shame and grief, is a dark sword. The Bible, however, states that the sword is flaming with fire, “to keep the way of the tree of life (3:24)”. Interestingly, Masaccio matches the rays that send adam and eve from the Garden, as the same color of the sword. Like Pickthall, using artistic license strengthens and argues his point.
Using patterns in a work of art often enables the author to elevate his or her idea, similar to Masaccio and Pickthall. Throughout Pickthall’s poem, at first glance, the main focus may seem to be the journey of Adam and Eve. The first two stanza discuss Adam and Eve’s sinning - that is to say, eating the fruit - and their punishments from God and the Garden, “Beauty, before their hearts could hearts could harden (7) / Had taught them heavenly words (8). Pickthall intelligently uses a fitting poetic device: a rhythm scheme. In this case, she selects an alternate rhyme scheme; meaning every other line rhymes. Conveying stronger meanings, explaining bigger themes, the alternate rhyme scheme tells the story of Adam and Eve with Pickthall’s intended ideas. In the fourth stanza, “And they slept as the beautiful must (14) / And blossomed from their dust (16)”, the idea that the Garden of Eden is continual, that life is a cycle, ties together by the rhyming lines, ‘must’ and ‘dust’. Masaccio, much like a rhyming scheme, uses repetition of colors. The skin tone of Adam and Eve match the background, the desert. Creating an effect similar to Pickthall, this ties the environment in which Adam and Eve are placed in; after they are banished, with their bodies.
When one analyzes works of art and literature, new ideas/themes continually arise, ultimately creating a new meaning and understanding. Pickthall’s poem is, in fact, two separate journeys combined into one poem, unifying both - and creating a concrete relationship between the two. When the poem, as a whole, is looked at, the main theme that arises is the journey of Adam and Eve, the experiences they have in the Garden of Eden; much like the Bible. When the poem is split into two different poems, according to the rhyming scheme, a whole new...

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